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  1. Berry Picker 0x1C00-0x1C01 = Level 1 Score 0x1C02-0x1C03 = Level 2 Score 0x1C04-0x1C05 = Level 3 Score 0x1C06-0x1C07 = Unlimited Score Head It 0x1C08-0x1C09 = Level 1 Score 0x1C0A-0x1C0B = Level 2 Score 0x1C0C-0x1C0D = Level 3 Score 0x1C0E-0x1C0F = Unlimited Score Tile Puzzle 0x1C10-0x1C11 = Easy Best Time #1 0x1C12-0x1C13 = Easy Best Time #2 0x1C14-0x1C15 = Easy Best Time #3 0x1C38-0x1C39 = Normal Best Time #1 0x1C3A-0x1C3B = Normal Best Time #2 0x1C3C-0x1C3D = Normal Best Time #3 0x1C60-0x1C61 = Hard Best Time #1 0x1C62-0x1C63 = Hard Best Ti
  2. This is about Pokémon data that the game records during the course of the main storyline, which is then displayed during the credits. It stores the Encryption Constant (EC) followed by data which consists of their National Dex number, gender, form, and Shinyness. Defeated Poochyena on Route 101: 0x1EAF8-0x1EAFB = Pokémon EC 0x1EAFC-0x1EAFE = Pokémon Data Defeated Rival on Route 103: 0x1EB00-0x1EB03 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB04-0x1EB06 = Pokémon Data 0x1EB08-0x1EB0B = Rival's Pokémon EC 0x1EB0C-0x1EB0E = Rival's Pokémon Data First Slot When Wally Caught Ralts: 0x1EB10-0x
  3. Hi, Just for those that don't want to do the DS <-> DS transferring to play it, here's the score for the Poké Transfer mini-game. Keep in mind that whichever offset you edit, the game will update to reflect the change to the other one regardless. BW = 0x21214 or 0x45214 B2W2 = 0x21118 or 0x47118
  4. They worked with no problem on my end. The OP's data is meant to be done through using a hex editor, while the data you've posted is about SRAM editing.
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