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  1. Berry Picker 0x1C00-0x1C01 = Level 1 Score 0x1C02-0x1C03 = Level 2 Score 0x1C04-0x1C05 = Level 3 Score 0x1C06-0x1C07 = Unlimited Score Head It 0x1C08-0x1C09 = Level 1 Score 0x1C0A-0x1C0B = Level 2 Score 0x1C0C-0x1C0D = Level 3 Score 0x1C0E-0x1C0F = Unlimited Score Tile Puzzle 0x1C10-0x1C11 = Easy Best Time #1 0x1C12-0x1C13 = Easy Best Time #2 0x1C14-0x1C15 = Easy Best Time #3 0x1C38-0x1C39 = Normal Best Time #1 0x1C3A-0x1C3B = Normal Best Time #2 0x1C3C-0x1C3D = Normal Best Time #3 0x1C60-0x1C61 = Hard Best Time #1 0x1C62-0x1C63 = Hard Best Time #2 0x1C64-0x1C65 = Hard Best Time #3 0x1CA6-0x1CA7 = Unlimited Best Score #1 0x1C92-0x1C93 = Puzzles Cleared 0x1CA8-0x1CA9 = Unlimited Best Score #2 0x1C94-0x1C95 = Puzzles Cleared 0x1CAA-0x1CAB = Unlimited Best Score #3 0x1C96-0x1C97 = Puzzles Cleared 0x1CAC-0x1CAD = Unlimited Best Score #4 0x1C98-0x1C99 = Puzzles Cleared 0x1CAE-0x1CAF = Unlimited Best Score #5 0x1C9A-0x1C9B = Puzzles Cleared Mini-game Star Ratings 0x1CB0 = Berry Picker Level 1 Rating 0x1CB1 = Berry Picker Level 2 Rating 0x1CB2 = Berry Picker Level 3 Rating 0x1CB3 = Berry Picker Unlimited Rating 0x1CB4 = Head It Level 1 Rating 0x1CB5 = Head It Level 2 Rating 0x1CB6 = Head It Level 3 Rating 0x1CB7 = Head It Unlimited Rating 0x1CB8 = Tile Puzzle Level 1 Rating 0x1CB9 = Tile Puzzle Level 2 Rating 0x1CBA = Tile Puzzle Level 3 Rating 0x1CBB = Tile Puzzle Unlimited Rating Star Rating Values 0x06 = 5 Stars 0x05 = 4.5 Stars 0x04 = 4 Stars 0x03 = 3 Stars 0x02 = 2 Stars 0x01 = 1 Star 0x00 = 0 Stars True, I confirmed this. So without further ado, here are the offsets for each individual Decoration items: Interior Items Note that the max quantity for each Decoration is 99. XY's: 0x16400 = Cocoa Treat Cushion 0x16404 = Chocolate Treat Cushion 0x16408 = Mint Ring Cushion 0x1640C = Cream Ring Cushion 0x16410 = Normal Heart Object 0x16414 = Decorative Treat Object 0x16418 = Blue Fire Cushion 0x1641C = Red Fire Cushion 0x16420 = Hot Lava Cushion 0x16424 = Cooled Lava Cushion 0x16428 = Fire Heart Object 0x1642C = Campfire Object 0x16430 = White Seashell Cushion 0x16434 = Pink Seashell Cushion 0x16438 = Green Drop Cushion 0x1643C = Blue Drop Cushion 0x16440 = Water Heart Object 0x16444 = Sparkling Pearl Object 0x16448 = Light Cushion 0x1644C = Blue Light Cushion 0x16450 = Shock Cushion 0x16454 = Blue Shock Cushion 0x16458 = Electric Heart Object 0x1645C = Light Bulb Object 0x16460 = Leaf Cushion 0x16464 = Leaflet Cushion 0x16468 = Stump Cushion 0x1646C = White Stump Cushion 0x16470 = Grass Heart Object 0x16474 = Flower Object 0x16478 = Frozen Cushion 0x1647C = Ice Chunk Cushion 0x16480 = Snowball Cushion 0x16484 = Ice Ball Cushion 0x16488 = Ice Heart Object 0x1648C = Snowman Object 0x16490 = Blue Target Cushion 0x16494 = Red Target Cushion 0x16498 = Training Log Cushion 0x1649C = Trial Log Cushion 0x164A0 = Fighting Heart Object 0x164A4 = Substitute Cushion 0x164A8 = Rising Smoke Cushion 0x164AC = Dangerous Smoke Cushion 0x164B0 = Green Poison Cushion 0x164B4 = Pink Poison Cushion 0x164B8 = Poison Heart Object 0x164BC = Deadly Poison Object 0x164C0 = Deep Hole Cushion 0x164C4 = Shallow Hole Cushion 0x164C8 = Hard Ground Cushion 0x164CC = Soft Ground Cushion 0x164D0 = Ground Heart Object 0x164D4 = Mysterious Cactus 0x164D8 = White Feather Cushion 0x164DC = Black Feather Cushion 0x164E0 = Blue Flag Perch 0x164E4 = Pink Flag Perch 0x164E8 = Flying Heart Object 0x164EC = Mysterious Eggs 0x164F0 = Red Circle Cushion 0x164F4 = Blue Circle Cushion 0x164F8 = Bent Spoon Cushion 0x164FC = Twisted Spoon Cushion 0x16500 = Psychic Heart Object 0x16504 = Mystery Crystal 0x16508 = Withered Leaf Cushion 0x1650C = Fallen Leaf Cushion 0x16510 = Gray Yarn Cushion 0x16514 = Yellow Yarn Cushion 0x16518 = Bug Heart Object 0x1651C = Honey Object 0x16520 = Gray Rock Cushion 0x16524 = Black Rock Cushion 0x16528 = Iron Ore Cushion 0x1652C = Gold Ore Cushion 0x16530 = Rock Heart Object 0x16534 = Sparkling Mineral Object 0x16538 = Ghostly Pumpkin Cushion 0x1653C = Cursed Pumpkin Cushion 0x16540 = Spooky Sheet Cushion 0x16544 = Monstrous Sheet Cushion 0x16548 = Ghost Heart Object 0x1654C = Will-o'-the-Wisp Candle 0x16550 = Dragon Hill Cushion 0x16554 = Dragon Rock Cushion 0x16558 = Blue Gem Cushion 0x1655C = Purple Gem Cushion 0x16560 = Dragon Heart Object 0x16564 = Dragon Castle 0x16568 = Cool Black Cushion 0x1656C = Cool Red Cushion 0x16570 = Shredded Black Cushion 0x16574 = Shredded Red Cushion 0x16578 = Dark Heart Object 0x1657C = Nocturnal Chair 0x16580 = Cross-Top Screw Cushion 0x16584 = Slot-Top Screw Cushion 0x16588 = Iron Cushion 0x1658C = Cast-Iron Cushion 0x16590 = Steel Heart Object 0x16594 = Crown Object 0x16598 = Pink Arch Cushion 0x1659C = Blue Arch Cushion 0x165A0 = Pretty Ball Cushion 0x165A4 = Lovely Ball Cushion 0x165A8 = Fairy Heart Object 0x165AC = Rainbow Parasol 0x165B0 = Pink Egg Cushion 0x165B4 = Pink Pillar Cushion 0x165B8 = Pink Star Object 0x165BC = Pink Cube Object 0x165C0 = Blue Egg Cushion 0x165C4 = Blue Pillar Cushion 0x165C8 = Blue Star Object 0x165CC = Blue Cube Object 0x165D0 = Orange Egg Cushion 0x165D4 = Orange Pillar Cushion 0x165D8 = Orange Star Object 0x165DC = Orange Cube Object 0x165E0 = Green Egg Cushion 0x165E4 = Green Pillar Cushion 0x165E8 = Green Star Object 0x165EC = Green Cube Object 0x165F0 = Purple Egg Cushion 0x165F4 = Purple Pillar Cushion 0x165F8 = Purple Star Object 0x165FC = Purple Cube Object 0x16600 = Brown Egg Cushion 0x16604 = Brown Pillar Cushion 0x16608 = Brown Star Object 0x1660C = Brown Cube Object 0x16610 = Yellow Egg Cushion 0x16614 = Yellow Pillar Cushion 0x16618 = Yellow Star Object 0x1661C = Yellow Cube Object 0x16620 = White Egg Cushion 0x16624 = White Pillar Cushion 0x16628 = White Star Object 0x1662C = White Cube Object 0x16630 = Black Egg Cushion 0x16634 = Black Pillar Cushion 0x16638 = Black Star Object 0x1663C = Black Cube Object 0x16640 = Pink Cloud Cushion 0x16644 = Hot Pink Cloud Cushion 0x16648 = Pink Star Cloud 0x1664C = Peach Cloud Table 0x16650 = Blue Cloud Cushion 0x16654 = Light Blue Cloud Cushion 0x16658 = Blue Star Cloud 0x1665C = Sky Blue Cloud Table 0x16660 = Orange Cloud Cushion 0x16664 = Soft Orange Cushion 0x16668 = Orange Star Cloud 0x1666C = Orange Cloud Table 0x16670 = Polka Dot Candy Cushion 0x16674 = Polka Dot Pillar Cushion 0x16678 = Polka Dot Star Object 0x1667C = Polka Dot Cube Object 0x16680 = Punk Candy Cushion 0x16684 = Punk Pillar Cushion 0x16688 = Punk Star Object 0x1668C = Punk Cube Object 0x16690 = Checkered Candy Cushion 0x16694 = Checkered Pillar Cushion 0x16698 = Checkered Star Object 0x1669C = Checkered Cube Object 0x166A0 = Homey Wooden Chair 0x166A4 = Comfy Wooden Chair 0x166A8 = Wooden Table 0x166AC = Wooden Bed ORAS's: 0x16E00 = Cocoa Treat Cushion 0x16E04 = Chocolate Treat Cushion 0x16E08 = Mint Ring Cushion 0x16E0C = Cream Ring Cushion 0x16E10 = Normal Heart Object 0x16E14 = Decorative Treat Object 0x16E18 = Blue Fire Cushion 0x16E1C = Red Fire Cushion 0x16E20 = Hot Lava Cushion 0x16E24 = Cooled Lava Cushion 0x16E28 = Fire Heart Object 0x16E2C = Campfire Object 0x16E30 = White Seashell Cushion 0x16E34 = Pink Seashell Cushion 0x16E38 = Green Drop Cushion 0x16E3C = Blue Drop Cushion 0x16E40 = Water Heart Object 0x16E44 = Sparkling Pearl Object 0x16E48 = Light Cushion 0x16E4C = Blue Light Cushion 0x16E50 = Shock Cushion 0x16E54 = Blue Shock Cushion 0x16E58 = Electric Heart Object 0x16E5C = Light Bulb Object 0x16E60 = Leaf Cushion 0x16E64 = Leaflet Cushion 0x16E68 = Stump Cushion 0x16E6C = White Stump Cushion 0x16E70 = Grass Heart Object 0x16E74 = Flower Object 0x16E78 = Frozen Cushion 0x16E7C = Ice Chunk Cushion 0x16E80 = Snowball Cushion 0x16E84 = Ice Ball Cushion 0x16E88 = Ice Heart Object 0x16E8C = Snowman Object 0x16E90 = Blue Target Cushion 0x16E94 = Red Target Cushion 0x16E98 = Training Log Cushion 0x16E9C = Trial Log Cushion 0x16EA0 = Fighting Heart Object 0x16EA4 = Substitute Cushion 0x16EA8 = Rising Smoke Cushion 0x16EAC = Dangerous Smoke Cushion 0x16EB0 = Green Poison Cushion 0x16EB4 = Pink Poison Cushion 0x16EB8 = Poison Heart Object 0x16EBC = Deadly Poison Object 0x16EC0 = Deep Hole Cushion 0x16EC4 = Shallow Hole Cushion 0x16EC8 = Hard Ground Cushion 0x16ECC = Soft Ground Cushion 0x16ED0 = Ground Heart Object 0x16ED4 = Mysterious Cactus 0x16ED8 = White Feather Cushion 0x16EDC = Black Feather Cushion 0x16EE0 = Blue Flag Perch 0x16EE4 = Pink Flag Perch 0x16EE8 = Flying Heart Object 0x16EEC = Mysterious Eggs 0x16EF0 = Red Circle Cushion 0x16EF4 = Blue Circle Cushion 0x16EF8 = Bent Spoon Cushion 0x16EFC = Twisted Spoon Cushion 0x16F00 = Psychic Heart Object 0x16F04 = Mystery Crystal 0x16F08 = Withered Leaf Cushion 0x16F0C = Fallen Leaf Cushion 0x16F10 = Gray Yarn Cushion 0x16F14 = Yellow Yarn Cushion 0x16F18 = Bug Heart Object 0x16F1C = Honey Object 0x16F20 = Gray Rock Cushion 0x16F24 = Black Rock Cushion 0x16F28 = Iron Ore Cushion 0x16F2C = Gold Ore Cushion 0x16F30 = Rock Heart Object 0x16F34 = Sparkling Mineral Object 0x16F38 = Ghostly Pumpkin Cushion 0x16F3C = Cursed Pumpkin Cushion 0x16F40 = Spooky Sheet Cushion 0x16F44 = Monstrous Sheet Cushion 0x16F48 = Ghost Heart Object 0x16F4C = Will-o'-the-Wisp Candle 0x16F50 = Dragon Hill Cushion 0x16F54 = Dragon Rock Cushion 0x16F58 = Blue Gem Cushion 0x16F5C = Purple Gem Cushion 0x16F60 = Dragon Heart Object 0x16F64 = Dragon Castle 0x16F68 = Cool Black Cushion 0x16F6C = Cool Red Cushion 0x16F70 = Shredded Black Cushion 0x16F74 = Shredded Red Cushion 0x16F78 = Dark Heart Object 0x16F7C = Nocturnal Chair 0x16F80 = Cross-Top Screw Cushion 0x16F84 = Slot-Top Screw Cushion 0x16F88 = Iron Cushion 0x16F8C = Cast-Iron Cushion 0x16F90 = Steel Heart Object 0x16F94 = Crown Object 0x16F98 = Pink Arch Cushion 0x16F9C = Blue Arch Cushion 0x16FA0 = Pretty Ball Cushion 0x16FA4 = Lovely Ball Cushion 0x16FA8 = Fairy Heart Object 0x16FAC = Rainbow Parasol 0x16FB0 = Pink Egg Cushion 0x16FB4 = Pink Pillar Cushion 0x16FB8 = Pink Star Object 0x16FBC = Pink Cube Object 0x16FC0 = Blue Egg Cushion 0x16FC4 = Blue Pillar Cushion 0x16FC8 = Blue Star Object 0x16FCC = Blue Cube Object 0x16FD0 = Orange Egg Cushion 0x16FD4 = Orange Pillar Cushion 0x16FD8 = Orange Star Object 0x16FDC = Orange Cube Object 0x16FE0 = Green Egg Cushion 0x16FE4 = Green Pillar Cushion 0x16FE8 = Green Star Object 0x16FEC = Green Cube Object 0x16FF0 = Purple Egg Cushion 0x16FF4 = Purple Pillar Cushion 0x16FF8 = Purple Star Object 0x16FFC = Purple Cube Object 0x17000 = Brown Egg Cushion 0x17004 = Brown Pillar Cushion 0x17008 = Brown Star Object 0x1700C = Brown Cube Object 0x17010 = Yellow Egg Cushion 0x17014 = Yellow Pillar Cushion 0x17018 = Yellow Star Object 0x1701C = Yellow Cube Object 0x17020 = White Egg Cushion 0x17024 = White Pillar Cushion 0x17028 = White Star Object 0x1702C = White Cube Object 0x17030 = Black Egg Cushion 0x17034 = Black Pillar Cushion 0x17038 = Black Star Object 0x1703C = Black Cube Object 0x17040 = Pink Cloud Cushion 0x17044 = Hot Pink Cloud Cushion 0x17048 = Pink Star Cloud 0x1704C = Peach Cloud Table 0x17050 = Blue Cloud Cushion 0x17054 = Light Blue Cloud Cushion 0x17058 = Blue Star Cloud 0x1705C = Sky Blue Cloud Table 0x17060 = Orange Cloud Cushion 0x17064 = Soft Orange Cushion 0x17068 = Orange Star Cloud 0x1706C = Orange Cloud Table 0x17070 = Polka Dot Candy Cushion 0x17074 = Polka Dot Pillar Cushion 0x17078 = Polka Dot Star Object 0x1707C = Polka Dot Cube Object 0x17080 = Punk Candy Cushion 0x17084 = Punk Pillar Cushion 0x17088 = Punk Star Object 0x1708C = Punk Cube Object 0x17090 = Checkered Candy Cushion 0x17094 = Checkered Pillar Cushion 0x17098 = Checkered Star Object 0x1709C = Checkered Cube Object 0x170A0 = Homey Wooden Chair 0x170A4 = Comfy Wooden Chair 0x170A8 = Wooden Table 0x170AC = Wooden Bed Also, an answer to something people might wanna inquire about: Tile Puzzle's time format appears to countdown in a hexadecimal format. It seems to go all the way to 99:99 in the format, too. Examples: Value of 43 = 1:07 Value of FF = 4:15
  2. This is about Pokémon data that the game records during the course of the main storyline, which is then displayed during the credits. It stores the Encryption Constant (EC) followed by data which consists of their National Dex number, gender, form, and Shinyness. Defeated Poochyena on Route 101: 0x1EAF8-0x1EAFB = Pokémon EC 0x1EAFC-0x1EAFE = Pokémon Data Defeated Rival on Route 103: 0x1EB00-0x1EB03 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB04-0x1EB06 = Pokémon Data 0x1EB08-0x1EB0B = Rival's Pokémon EC 0x1EB0C-0x1EB0E = Rival's Pokémon Data First Slot When Wally Caught Ralts: 0x1EB10-0x1EB13 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB14-0x1EB16 = Pokémon Data Defeated Roxanne's Nosepass: 0x1EB20-0x1EB23 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB24-0x1EB26 = Pokémon Data Defeated Brawly's Makuhita: 0x1EB28-0x1EB2B = Pokémon EC 0x1EB2C-0x1EB2E = Pokémon Data First Slot When Met Steven In Granite Cave: 0x1EB30-0x1EB33 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB34-0x1EB36 = Pokémon Data Defeated Wattson's Magneton: 0x1EB38-0x1EB3B = Pokémon EC 0x1EB3C-0x1EB3E = Pokémon Data First Slot When Met Rival On Route 112: 0x1EB40-0x1EB43 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB44-0x1EB46 = Pokémon Data Defeated Maxie's Camerupt/Archie's Sharpedo: 0x1EB48-0x1EB4B = Pokémon EC 0x1EB4C-0x1EB4E = Pokémon Data Defeated Flannery's Torkoal: 0x1EB58-0x1EB5B = Pokémon EC 0x1EB5C-0x1EB5E = Pokémon Data Defeated Norman's Slaking: 0x1EB60-0x1EB63 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB64-0x1EB66 = Pokémon Data Defeated Winona's Altaria: 0x1EB78-0x1EB7B = Pokémon EC 0x1EB7C-0x1EB7E = Pokémon Data First Slot When First Entered Team Magma/Aqua Hideout: 0x1EB80-0x1EB83 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB84-0x1EB86 = Pokémon Data Pokémon No. 1 When Defeated Liza & Tate: 0x1EB88-0x1EB8B = Pokémon EC 0x1EB8C-0x1EB8E = Pokémon Data Pokémon No. 2 When Defeated Liza & Tate: 0x1EB90-0x1EB93 = Pokémon EC 0x1EB94-0x1EB96 = Pokémon Data Defeated Primal Groudon/Kyogre 0x1EBA0-0x1EBA3 = Pokémon EC 0x1EBA4-0x1EBA6 = Pokémon Data Defeated Wallace's Milotic: 0x1EBB0-0x1EBB3 = Pokémon EC 0x1EBB4-0x1EBB6 = Pokémon Data Defeated Wally's Gallade: 0x1EBB8-0x1EBBB = Pokémon EC 0x1EBBC-0x1EBBE = Pokémon Data Defeated Steven's Metagross: 0x1EBC0-0x1EBC3 = Pokémon EC 0x1EBC4-0x1EBC6 = Pokémon Data Some things to know: -The Pokémon recorded during Wally's Ralts capture is not presented during the credits. -Keep in mind that while the game can record battle-only forms such as Megas or Primal Reversions for non-battle scenarios, it's not legitimately possible. They also aren't recorded for Liza & Tate's battle. -The Rival's starter has the following ECs as shown in a hex editor: May's Treecko has 758F1C89 May's Torchic has D0362CCE May's Mudkip has E652A959 Brendan's Treecko has 43361FC1 Brendan's Torchic has 56CA68C2 Brendan's Mudkip has 9ECCFBC8
  3. Hi, Just for those that don't want to do the DS <-> DS transferring to play it, here's the score for the Poké Transfer mini-game. Keep in mind that whichever offset you edit, the game will update to reflect the change to the other one regardless. BW = 0x21214 or 0x45214 B2W2 = 0x21118 or 0x47118
  4. They worked with no problem on my end. The OP's data is meant to be done through using a hex editor, while the data you've posted is about SRAM editing.
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