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  3. Okay, But I'm Starting to Think It's Corrupt Try With This. If Does Work it, I will see how to fix the previous one. http://www.mediafire.com/file/0mvmze30azfa2d6/PbrSaveData2/file
  4. Doesn't open on prior versions of the program. Ensure you've progressed far enough in PBR and have saved in at least two different sessions so that the savefile is fully initialized (main & backup).
  5. My sav is in Spanish, If You Can Do the Whole Process Thanks, Here Is My PbrSaveData And My Platinum SAV. PBRSaveData http://www.mediafire.com/file/kqyvub8bh03nzl1/PbrSaveData/file Pokemon platinum.sav
  6. 'Cause I Have Two SavesData. The First Say This: Attempted to load an unsupported file/size. This could be cause by loading a different generation Pokemon file on an unsupported generation on your file is corrupt. File Size: 3670016 bytes 3670016 bytes (0x380000) And The Second Say: Input file is too large. File Size: 2854300 bytes. And As I Saw In A YouTube Video, That Version Does Works.
  7. Yeah. I don’t know at what point it’s been implemented, but yeah, it’s been around for a while :3
  8. While the discord server doesn't work, I can certainly change Dialogue within the game, can you put up another Link so we can talk? Here's something small that I changed.
  9. Two more questions, if you don't mind. 1. Do you know where the Light Clay is located? 2. Is it possible for Magneton to learn Flash Cannon? Chobin's Magneton knows Flash Cannon but the move is not listed in the game documentation.
  10. wait, i can drag a wondercard to storage like a pk file?
  11. Why can't you edit your save on the latest version?
  12. I Need That Version For Edit My SaveData Of Pokemon Battle Revolution. Please the Version 20181202, I found a compiled version but it didn't compile and I don't want to continue downloading more stuff. put a download link that does work.
  13. Yesterday
  14. @Poke J I'm pretty sure we'll find other evidences like this in future. Just remember debug Emerald Relicanth. Thank you so much for your scan. Anyway I also asked ChickasaurusGL to investigate about Stadium 2 new debugger menu especially the legality checker inside it. So much secrets still hiding it's really exciting ^^
  15. The picture of the Charmander isn't only in the European FireRed manual and is also in the North American manual. My scanner is really bad so this is the information of the Charmander is as followed: Nature: Serious Met Location: Viridian City Met Level: 5 OT: RED ID: 40060 Current Level: 13 In the LeafGreen manual the picture is replaced with a legal looking Bulbasaur. I've also took the liberty to check all of the instruction manuals for gens 3, 4, and 5 and this is the only potential debug Pokemon that I could find.
  16. Read: second-top line of first post of PK3DS. I've split off your post, since it's explicitly warned against in PK3DS thread first post. You will need to search the net on how to extract files from the games. Best I can point you to is here, here and here. (Don't ask me about how to use them, tho, as I won't be of much help in those categories. You gotta find that out yourself. Two of those links above are guides anyway..)
  17. I don't have the exe file or the RomFS file. How do i get these from my .cia file?
  18. If this is true, then it would be a rare case of them "unlocking" something ahead of the distributed event. (Traumatic flashbacks of all the people posting is this event legal? why can't I trade it?)
  19. Sorry to revive an older thread, but this is the only conversation I could find and it didn't look like a conclusion had been found. Has the mystery of the slightly off coloured pcb boards been solved? I have a damaged dragonite which I use as a benchmark. My whole collection matches it except US keldeo, meloetta, y90E along with EUR y90p, y90z. I recently contacted a seller about their personal collection and their meloetta and y90e match mine, but their keldeo is a different shade while all 3 of mine match. This just raises more questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. some people on facebook are posting pictures of shiny necrozma and claiming that they got it from GTS so its likely that they have removed the shiny lock from necrozma , meaning that you can hack one in your game and it will work online ( not that i suggest anyone to do it lol )
  21. Not at my knoweldge, Nintendo seems to be more concerned with the demo recently but not retroactively. I visited 2 months ago the french national video game conservatory and unfortunately they don't have any of them too. I should however ask them again for FireRed manuel guide if nobody have it now. Whereas I think we'll get one day RS/FRLG/BW demos because they were in cardriges and collectors will get them one day I'm not very confident for XY demo as it was a downloaded programm. But if you want to investigate you're welcome, I really miss time to do more sorry.
  22. We have the wonder card here. If you drag the wonder card into the left side of PKHeX when a Gen 6 save is loaded, it'll generate a pk6 for you.
  23. A request to send me the pk6 file of an Arceus with those moves.
  24. Is this a trade request, or asking if we have the events uploaded?
  25. Does someone here has an Event Arceus with those Dialga,Palkia and Giratina special attacks? For XY/ORAS Idc if it's illegal, just needs to be tradable. Ty
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