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Ban the person above you! (Not really)


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Dear Riolu Aura Sphere Now,

You have been banned for 2 hours for having the same faveorite Pokemon as me and for banning BOWSER EX.

Dear Mewkid999,

you have been banned for being Dr.Octagonapus. Please do not respond to this with a "DR.OCTAGONAPUS BBBLLLLAAAARRRRGGG"

you two's bans begin now.

have a great day!

-Fawful Of Ice

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mewkid999 we regret to inform you but you are being banned for not making up your mind and banning someone for no reason

Here we go...

Dear Darklord,

We are afraid that you may take over this website due to your username so you have been banned indefinitely.

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We here at the <insert name of forums here> regret to inform you...

We have decided to ban you, due to knowing that darklord will take over this website with his secret magical dark powers. For having our darklord banned, we must unban him and ban you in return. Please return in 5 days with a complete apology note to him. We thank you for your participation in these forums and hope to see you in 5 days.

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Dear Riolu Aura Sphere Now,

You are banned for banning everyone. That is clearly illegal, and impossible. Surely you new that? No? Too bad. The Darklord was destroyed earlier this century. This one is a fake, clearly. So please, play along with the fake. Until the sky is named Bob, I will see you later.

Thank you, Mewkid999.

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