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Found a Space World 97' Mew?

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I just came back from a trip to Japan where I purchased a Japanese Pokemon Red cart from a random department store in Utsunomiya that had a section on the top floor that sold new and used games. Not only was I surprised to find that the battery worked fine, but that there was an extensive save file on the cart. 

The trainer named Satoshi (サト) had roughly 35 hours played had all eight badges, 80/151 pokemon registered in the pokedex, and had multiple level 30-50+ pokemon. What caught my attention however was a level 57 Mew. The Mew's OT is ピーチ (Peach) which made me think there was a possibility this mew was not hacked. I cross-referenced Gen 1 events and found that the only event where you could get a Mew with the OT ピーチ was the Space World 97' event. 

Is there any way to verify that this is actually a Space World 97' Mew?


I have attached pictures of the Mew's summary and movepool. 



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The only way to verify would be to dump the actual savegame and check all the mew's data. This can't confirm legitimacy per se, but can rule out glitch/ action replay mew.

If everything matches what an official distro should be, it should be at the very least a clone from an official one.

Without dumping the save there are other possibilities:

- Get it to level 100% and max EV for everything to calculate DVs.

- Get it onto stadium and dump stadium savegame (better jap stadium 2 and not stadium gs, as that would convert into gen 2)


Edit: the official mews had fixed dvs, being (5)/10/1/12/5. Given the stats and it only being level 57 it shouldn't have much stat experience, so the stat values match the DV spread, so it looks official. The id number is really high though, but 18k people getting mew at spaceworld seems plausible.

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Personally, for the features and price, I recommend the https://www.epilogue.co/product/gb-operator if you wanted to purchase a cart reader, as it also has a built in cart legitimacy checker (to check for bootleg games), and a built in emulator.

I bought mine when they were up for pre-order, haven't regretted it. The only downside is it can't flash new game ROMs onto flashcarts/blank carts, but most users don't need that feature, and you don't have to take your game cart's shell apart to plug it into the reader.

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On 6/17/2023 at 10:09 PM, Atrius97 said:

...and you don't have to take your game cart's shell apart to plug it into the reader.

Same with the one I linked, no need to take shell off. I actually didn't even know there were readers out there where you need to do that, haha

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