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[Help] Is this Shiny Channel Jirachi possible?


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Hello, I wanted to create a shiny channel Jirachi with pkhex, but since I don't understand everything about pid and seed, I don't know if it's somehow possible to make the Pokemon legal. If someone could please check if the Jirachi is even possible and if it is please send me a .pk3 and .pk5 file I would be very grateful. 🥰

The Pokemon should have these values:

  • Shiny = yes
  • Nature = Bashful
  • lang = GER
  • Origin Game = Ruby        (Since I unfortunately lost my Ruby. 😑 )
  • If possible with the IVs
    • HP   = 23
    • Atk  = 28
    • Def  = 26
    • SpA = 20
    • SpD = 20
    • Spe  = 31
  • OT = CHANNEL                (Since it's supposed to be from Pokemon CHANNEL)


For this I tried PokeFinder and maybe made a few helpful screenshots. 🤔



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6 hours ago, Gridelin said:

This might help in recreating the Jirachi in pkhex


Have already seen the post and was able to find the shiny jirachi with it, but not create it in pkhex. PID mismatch always appears. Since I'm missing a few things from the instructions, I can't follow the instructions to get it with RNG.


Is there a way to create it without RNG? Feeling stupid as it looks easy and I just can't pull it off.

Tried it in pkhex with ruby and white...


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1 hour ago, Kaphotics said:

SID, Version, and OT Gender matters for the CHANNEL Jirachi's PIDIV correlation.


Is there a way I can find out the SID and gender? I don't care about gender, but the game should be Ruby...

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It worked!
Thanks for your help, now I know where the error was. Thanks for the quick help, I really had to make an effort to understand everything about how a Pokemon works.

Now I finally have the shiny Jirachi I've always wanted. 😍



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