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Ash's Dracovish Cannot Be Legal


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Using the either of the wondercards from https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/4798-ashs-team-サトシ-dracovish/ give illegal Pokémon .  The official one for obvious reasons since it has a gender and gives the error that genderless Pokémon cannot have a gender; plus I can't figure out how to remove the gender when it is in PKHeX. The gender fixed one registers as not in the mystery gift database.

Using the one in the mystery gift database has the same genderless Pokémon cannot have a gender error.

Is there any way to fix this?

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Hello, sorry if my english is not good , I have 2 errors in the last update of PKHex.
First with Ash's Dracovish that was distributed a few weeks ago, as you can see in the image, the one on the left is a past event with everything correct, the one on the right is the one with a gender error and is thus in the base of data, the worst thing is that you can not edit the gender.

The second error is with Clefairy in Legends Arceus, that when selecting the event from the database, the distribution date is out of range, even if you change it the error continues to pop up, which does not happen in the other games in which it was distributed.

Please fix this in the next update, thanks.


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Both of these errors are known issues. The Clefairy distribution dates have already been fixed in the PKHeX Development build, and will be resolved in the next stable release.
Please only report issues if they can be reproduced in the most recent dev build, and you've made sure it's not user error.

The Dracovish issue is with the wondercard itself, which contains an error. This issue is on GameFreak's end, not PKHeX's. You can resolve it by creating a folder named mgdb in the same directory as PKHeX.exe, and putting the "fixed" wc8 file in that folder. To my knowledge, this fixed wondercard will also be included in the next stable release.


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