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subway Pokemon Black/White Battle Subway Wins Doesnt Upgrade Trainer Card


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I was trying to replay my Pokemon Black to try maximize my trainer card levels... I know all the requirements:
1. Defeating Ghetsis & Team Plasma, or maybe even get on hall of fame (done)
2. Extralink thingy (I used PKHex)
3. Collecting all musical props (done with PKHeX too)
4. Super single trains and super double trains both 49 wins, defeat Ingo and Emmet Respectively (done as below, but I didnt use any PKHex to win it)
5. Complete National Dex (I'm on my way collecting swarms pokemon for the next days)

Yet my trainer card only shown Silver Card, which is 3/5 from max card upgrades. But as you guys can see, I have done 4 out of 5 tasks and supposedly get a gold trainer card.

My Pokemon Black PKHeX and Trainer Card are shown below:



On contrary, my Pokemon White (yes I replaying both games) get a gold trainer card with very similar tasks done (4 out of 5, just recently defeat Emmet on Super Double Trains). It did upgrade to Gold Trainer Card. This one is confusing me, what's wrong? Or any things that I just slipped and didnt do?  Hope anyone can help (fyi the 56 wins streaks on my super single train is from my Pokemon Black, I just redid it 1 streak more to ensure the game didnt bugged my trainer card, but its useless.)

My Pokemon White PKHeX and Trainer Card below:




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it's triggered by a flag
i just remember it's near to the battle records

set 21D04 or 21B04(BW2) to 07F0
F means
single cleared
double cleared
multi cleared
super single cleared

7 means
super double cleared
super multi cleared
talked with multi partner first time

trophy = event flag(unset) 0683, 0684, 0685

I think flag0 1 2 3 7 in PKHeX is useless or wrong(especially 7 why +88)

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