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  1. I'll have less trouble softmodding a 3DS, and Checkpoint will do.. Thanks anyways for your time.
  2. My old phone model was a Galaxy A30S, new one is Galaxy A12. Both my laptop and DS Lite are connected to the same hotspot, both when it worked and now. My issue is not with the internet connection (I use Wiimmfi everyday), I'm sure the problem lies on the FTP server and FTP ports.
  3. I set up smallFTPD as the pdf told me to as well, yet..
  4. I use phone hotspot and DNS method: model is Samsung Galaxy A12 and internet works. I have issues with the FTP part.
  5. I'm currently having tons of issues with smallFTPD and the Homebrew NDS app "Savegame Manager" originally made by Pokédoc and distributed via github by this guy: https://github.com/AdmiralCurtiss/nds-savegame-manager Beforehand I could make this method work by tinkering with the FTP Port, but now it doesn't anymore, in both of my computers (even the one when it worked previously). The only things I changed are the phone model and the IPV4 address: every time I updated the address on the savegame_manager.ini file, but always got stuck at the "Looking for an FTP server, please wait" screen on my DS. What happened? Why it stopped working all of a sudden?
  6. Have you checked if the new save is in the correct folder? Iirc, Desmume reads .dsv save files from the Battery folder, hence why it reads the unedited save. Try putting the new save (renamed like the old one) in Battery, while making a backup of your old, unedited one, just to be sure.
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