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Pkhex on Nintendo DSi

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36 minutes ago, Vagg said:

I want to know how I can get a save file from my nintendo DSi and open it up on my pc to edit it with pkhex. Thanks.

Since you specified NDSi, I'm gonna assume you don't happen to have a 3DS.
[it is a lot easier to just get CFW on your 3DS, then use the 3DS to natively dump the NDS save.]

The next best option is probably to get a some kind of NDS flash cart, that you can use to dump the save of your NDS carts.
However, given the tools used are so old, there isn't support (not really) if it the FTP or what not were to not work.
An alternatively would be to get a dongle that connects to your PC's USB and dumps the save. Once again, old tool and lack of support issue exists.


Anyhow, read this:

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17 minutes ago, BlackShark said:

Well there is this (haven't used it yet though) https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-ndsi-savedumper.515520/

Running homebrew on DSi is easy as well nowadays https://dsi.cfw.guide/

oh you're right!

I read it as NDS lite for some stupid reason. I should add that to the tutorial (or at least write up a basic page that links to it)

And to add on to my previous reply, using a NDS flash cart to dump saves will not work for NDSi.
(to dump a save using NDS flash cart, you'll need to eject the flash cart and insert your target NDS cart. However NDSi and 3DS both close the game [which in this case, the NDS save dumping homebrew] when you eject the cart.)
Hence DSi CFW is the way to go.

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