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HOME Banwave Ongoing


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25 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

You can legitimately bring the move over. You're only forced to delete it if you wanna make the mon Battle Ready. It's a legitimate transfer move, why would that flag you as having altered data, unless you gave it to a Pokemon caught in Gen 8 that shouldn't have access to the move?

Was this a rhetorical question? Thanks anyway for answering ig

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3 minutes ago, Frostbite said:

Was this a rhetorical question? Thanks anyway for answering ig

Part yes, and part no.

It's a legitimate transfer move. Unless you have the move in circumstances that you shouldn't have the move, there's nothing to show that it's altered data (in that case)...

Also, I've said the conditions of the bans before. So far, nothing has changed.
What you've said doesn't match the scenario I've previously listed.

On 1/27/2021 at 5:16 AM, theSLAYER said:

it appears that the bans are targeted to (1) sellers'/distributors' HOME account, as well as HOME accounts of anyone who interacted with those sellers'/distributors' accounts, AND (2) any account that has illegal mons, that also fulfill condition (1).

At present, if you have illegals but don't fulfill condition (1), then you probably won't get banned.
[At least, that is what I've seen as well as heard.]

Note: the situation can and likely will change.


Edit: There's presently some reports, that says some bans seem to indicate (3) transferring Gen 8 mons from Bank into HOME, without fulfilling condition (1). However, more of such cases will need to come in, before we can rule it as a confirmed scenario.

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50 minutes ago, punith said:

Your foru is a very nice thanks for sharing  So it can result in situations where a hypothetical mon A was illegal, but it was hard to catch to us (for various reasons, such as we did not create the game and may have missed some super technical explanation, such as memories, for example), and was thus flagged legal.

Is there a question to your statement? Or was it just an acknowledgement to my point?

Anyhow, putting the legal and illegal Pokemon discussion aside, it appears they are targeting high traffic accounts or interaction with such account and possession of super blatently illegal mons, typically shiny variants of shiny locked stuff. They don't seem to bother with memories and stuff.

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5 hours ago, Hide said:

Did you confirm this was an IP issue? What would happen to people that have a dynamic IP or are under a VPN? For example, my internet service is provided by company with "changing IP".

From reports gathered, it appears to focus on HOME accounts that has been accessed by various different users.
Doesn't look like bans were issued outside of that period.

Besides colloquial evidence, and knowing it's high traffic accounts, there are a few conclusions we can draw.
Maybe it's HOME accounts that were accessed with a lot of different Switch console IDs.
Maybe it's HOME accounts that has high volume of network traffic.
We can't confirm if it was exactly IP, since we don't work for them. All we could do is spread the word on the preliminary finding, so that users can avoid falling into such situations.

It shall also be known that I know a lot of people with illegal mons in their HOME account, that didn't get banned, possibly because of them not account sharing.

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  • 1 month later...

At time of writing, while ban reports have significantly trickled off since earlier this year, we are still receiving the occasional ban report on the PPORG and PKHeX Development Discord servers, seemingly related to the HOME banwave in January.

We've been able to track some of the reports to earlier offenses, such hosting hacked raids prior to the hacked raid banwave during early Isle of Armor, or ranked/tournament cheating. It seems that they audited server logs and cleaned up a few stragglers they had neglected to ban earlier, and tacked them onto the HOME banwave.

Given that they've demonstrated that HOME can track and accurately ban users who used the methods that resulted in the banwave, just because the banwave appears to be "pretty much over, and I wasn't banned despite doing X or Y bannable action" doesn't mean they aren't continuing to monitor network traffic and banning anyone foolish enough to attempt trafficking illegal pokemon via HOME going forward.

The HOME banwave is thought to be the result of a permanent, ongoing security feature, not a one-off wave.

As well, they've also shown the ability to view and edit Pokemon stored on the savefile, (including those in Poke Jobs AND in both Daycares, sending them there doesn't "hide them from HOME"), as HOME was used to automatically fix movesets for Alolan Form GO-origin Pokemon that had their opposite regional form moveset due to a bug with GO -> HOME transfers.

This means that any illegal pokemon, glitch pokemon, etc. may be viewed by HOME any time you load your savefile into HOME, even if you don't place them into HOME storage itself. If you kept any illegal/glitch Pokemon on your savefile, proceed with caution with that infomation in mind. (Alternatively simply avoid using HOME altogether, or store any illegal/glitch pokemon on a profile/savefile, secondary switch, or emuNAND that is not going to be accessed by HOME.)

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