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  1. Was this a rhetorical question? Thanks anyway for answering ig
  2. Another question that's maybe in the weeds a little bit: why aren't non-poison type Pokemon with Toxic that are transferred over to SWSH forced to delete Toxic and change it to something else like other moves? For example: I have a Lapras with Toxic I created on PKHex, and since most non-poison types can't use Toxic anymore, I assumed I would have to change that move upon transfer, but it wasn't flagged, and I'm able to use it on Lapras. Could that be seen as potentially altered data that would warrant investigating or are Pokemon from previous generations that know Toxic but wouldn't be able to learn it in Gen 8 given a pass? Ty
  3. @theSLAYER Thank you for the response. I appreciate that you always respond with technical accuracy using the information that is currently available! However, I'm still unclear on what constitutes "altered data." Is it data that is altered within Pokemon Home or Pokemon Sword/Shield, or is there a way to detect, for example, a mon genned via PKHex's encounter database that has altered (but legal) EVs/IVs/Nature and then is transferred PKHex on PC --> 3DS Pokemon Game --> Pokemon Bank --> Pokemon Home? No worries if there's no clear answer on this yet regarding their capability to detect legal genned mons or any intention to implement more broad bans of even legal genned mons transferred through Bank.
  4. @theSLAYER Have you heard if the Pokemon Company has any plan to start banning genned pokemon across the board? Can they even detect them if they're not shiny mons that should be shiny locked or don't have a URL name or OT? Some rarer shinies, for example, may seem suspicious solely because of their rarity (shiny mew or jirachi, for example), but do they really have any way of knowing they're genned for sure if they're legal and appear legitimate? Thanks
  5. Thank you for the heads up! Forgive the two probably dumb questions, but I'm pretty new to genning & PKHex. 1. What are URL nicknamed mons? Also, I have a shiny mew that was genned from Mystery Gift database on PKHex. It has the default Japanese original trainer name, which cannot be changed, or it becomes illegal. 2. Do you know if that would potentially be subject to a Pokemon Home ban because it has that original trainer name that is probably commonly used among genners? It is within legal parameters. Screenshot attached. Thanks!
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