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PKHeX Home Live Plugin - RAM Viewer thread

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This plugin aims to allow people to dump and view infos from those Pokémons that are stuck in HOME beyond the first Box, or that for some reason the owner don't want to transfer away (eg. Unique GO/HOME Symbol sticker or SWSH unavailable mons). This Plugin is not intended to allow users to edit Pokémon Infos directly from HOME and it will never allows to. The program reads data directly from the Nintendo Switch RAM. 


- Hacked Switch with Atmosphère installed.

- sys-botbase sysmodule running on the system.

- Online Internet connection.

- HOME Subscription is not needed.

How to use

Download the DLL from here.

For Windows users, right click on the DLL, go to properties and select "Unlock".

Move the DLL to your PKHeX plugins folder, if you don't have it, just create it.

Open PKHeX with a Sword/Shield Save File, or a Blank SWSH save, and click on Tools->HOME to open the Plugin.

Open the Pokémon HOME application from your Nintendo Switch and tap the screen and least once.

Enter your console IP Address, select the Boxes you want to show and click "Connect".

For any problems or suggestion, feel free to write an issue on the GitHub or on this thread.


oll iz0r for sys-botbase

Kaphotics for PKHeX

architdate, Lusamine, all the ALM team and all the people involved in the developing/testing of the PKHeX-Plugins thanks to which this project would never exist

theSLAYER for the mutual support on the HOME research

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