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  1. Hi, I'm wondering if this plugin is still working. I have gotten it to work in the past, but I'm currently unable to get it working. I'm on the latest versions of PkHeX, this plugin, as well as the latest sys-botbase and home version. The plugin connects successfully but the data displayed in the boxes is not correct. It is just a few scattered glitched bulbasaurs. Fixed it. If anyone else has this issue: https://github.com/kwsch/SysBot.NET/wiki/Troubleshooting Read the section I am seeing empty or garbage trainer data when I connect to SysBot.NET. Disable all of your plugins/mods that are in your tesla overlay menu. They are causing the switch's RAM to shift, making Home Live Viewer unable to read the box data.
  2. Chrissss

    PKM Conversion

    Do you think their ever will be one?
  3. Chrissss

    PKM Conversion

    Does anyone know of a program to easily convert my 200+ 3rd Gen Pokemon into 4th Gen or do you know if anyone is working on a program to do that?
  4. Is there an action replay code that makes it look like you beat all the in game trainers so that i dont need to fight a whole bunch of trainers to finish the story part of the game and also i noticed the honey tree codes for platinum, Do they work on Diamond??
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