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Why does this happen? (Unable to match an encounter in origin game)?


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1 hour ago, Cadiun8 said:

New to PKHeX, got it today and im wondering why is this happening?Responsive image

If I may, I’d like to interject. The alert is caused when the Pokémon that is being edited does not match an possible encounter of that Pokémon from any official game or event. In your case from the picture you added the Articuno has its hidden ability so therefore you would have to make it look like the event one from Pokémon Bank or one that was transferred from the virtual counsel RBY. As @Gamer001 was trying to say you would be to make the Articuno look like it’s from USUM in which case you would put in valid information of one from that encounter.


22 minutes ago, Cadiun8 said:

dude i dont have USUM pirated

Piracy has nothing to do with this issue. With PKHeX you can make a Pokémon from a game that you don’t have just by filling in the correct data from the encounter. Also as a side note it is prohibited to talk about pirating on this forum.

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