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Old Pokemon Rumours (debunked or not)


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did you know Pokemon rumours didn't stop past generation 2 and still rarely occurs nowadays?


This topic is to find and documented them all.


Here's few I remember:

-gen 3 Jirachi at Mossdeep City

Status: Debunked. It was just a stupid white stone.


-gen 3 Deoxys at Mossdeep City

Status: Debunked. The countdown was a just a timer for days played. However it'll inspire ORAS events.


-gen 3 Lotad Swarm thanks to Mixing Records

Status: Debunked thanks to Metarkrai in 2015; even if the mechanics was only discovered recently.


-gen 4 DP Swarm Tangela and Safari Tropius
Status: Partially debunked. Even if there's nothing in the final version, it could be interesting to dig over DP Beta versions.

Plus why any Tangela at Mt.Coronet? Tropius was found later in Pt Safari so who knows?


-gen4 DP Volt Tackle Elekid

Status: Debunked.


-gen 5 Hidden Grotto Eevee in B2W2.

Status: Debunked. Was a FunFiesta event mission in fact. The "proof" however needs more researches (especially the metadatas).



I also remember rumours about Relicanth in gen3 but I can't say what was the purpose exactly, need to do some researches.


Do you know any other rumour Pokemon I missed/you remember (past gen2) ?

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Past gen 2? I do not recall any sources for these, will look it up eventually.

Gen 3: RS would glitch and you can encounter Celebi at the Route before Lilycove.
edit: While I've never seen this page before, it seems to be talking about some part of it.

In RS, after having 100 rocket launches in Mossdeep, you can take the rocket to space to get Deoxys . (Edit: just noticed this was already posted)

Gen 4: Cursed plate for Arceus existing. (It does not)
edit: Looks like a discussion for the ??? plate, cause it was known that ???-type form exists.

Gen 5: Victini encounter isn’t shiny locked.

Gen 6: XY, new entry animation where the mon appears monochrome, then thought to be rarer than shinies (supposedly it was later discovered that a texture error when model loading?)
Discussion page

XY, Zygarde not being shiny locked.

Breeding Dream ball into Aegislash, or Friend Ball onto Meowstic (lol)

Gen 7: Pokémon Stars (SM remake?) for Nintendo Switch
Presumably the report that started it all.

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I found a new one in gen6 : Friend Safari Lickitung and Mandibuzz.

Status: Debunked, Mandibuzz was surely confused with Vullaby which is present in Friend Safari, there was only one mention of Friend Safari Lickitung in Reddit, without any proof.


In Ruby/Sapphire: the Unown Mystery

Status: True. Two new forms of Unown were discovered by the time, it was later revealed in FRLG.


In Emerald: the Relicanth Mystery.

Status: Unknown. I need to investigate

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Though not rumours, but rather claims made in official promotional media.

-Gen 6 ORAS trailer Mega Blaziken used Ice Punch on Flygon. Can’t find the video anymore so this might not be true.

-Gen 6 Pokémon 20th Anniversary article on the Pokémon website giving tips on how to train your gift Manaphy claimed it could learn Hydro Pump. Source https://www.pokemon.com/us/strategy/mythical-pokemon-distribution-round-up-part-2/

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7 hours ago, Poke J said:

-Gen 6 ORAS trailer Mega Blaziken used Ice Punch on Flygon. Can’t find the video anymore so this might not be true.

can't find the source, but there's this:

edit: it was listed here: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Game_move_errors

Apparently it wasn't a video, but images on their official site.

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