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AUSTRIA Mew (from Jipitoy 2000 Event)


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Hello to all fellow Pokémon fans and trainers!

As I had found my Pokémon Yellow save file to be still alive and containing probably the rarest still-living distribution Mew (or at least one of the rarest), I decided to share with everybody. But first, let me tell you a short story here.

When I was about 10 years old, my parents took me with them to receive Mew on my GB cartridges, and I was excited like never before! Of course, I did know nothing about the glitch back then, so this felt even more special to me. The event, as I remember, took place on 2 days (friday and saturday) only, and from talking to all of my friends, it seems that event was only held in Vienna, Austria, and only in one small shop called "Jipitoy" in the shopping mall "Gerngross". Even without knowing all this, it is the most cherished memory since. I am so thankful that my parents made it possible to receive this Mew on both, red and yellow version.

I want to share my happiness and joy with all of you, so you can experience it too. The game saves I extracted with a GB01 cart reader from submodule.co, which I paid about 64€ for (incl. shipping). On my journey to restore and backup saves, I lost the game save of red (through a different device, called Mega Memory Card, which also was about 60€ ... pathetic device ...) but was able to distribute the yellow one to other cartridges too. I even bought a blue cartridge, so I can provide you all three versions of the Gen-1 games with that Mew.

It was very hard to remember all the details about the distribution event, I found out that the original shop was shut down many years ago, but with a little support from the new shop there I was able to get the shop's name at least. Not even Nintendo of Austria was able to find any further details, as I requested them to share with me. Back then, not only were these events rare in Europe but also not recorded online, or poorly.

DrLava and SnorlaxMonster from Twitter / Bulbapedia helped me a lot with this project full of passion.

You can find me on Twitter too, if you want to say "Hi" or just wanna share your excitement and happiness with me. --> DocMartin_HG

p.s. see entry on Bulbapedia: AUSTRIA Mew (Jipitoy 2000)

p.p.s. note, that the ".sav" files are in german language. (scroll down to download)


EDIT August 20th / 2020:

I uploaded pk1 files of both, the stock condition and the trained condition from my original savefiles. Have fun but PLEASE don't forget to inform me beforehand and credit me if you forward data to a third person.


EDIT June 1st / 2024:

I uploaded .sav files which contain both, the leveled up and original Mew (Level 40 and Level 5).
Keep in mind, when using an emulator or flash cart, both files (ROM, sav) need to share the same name and be located in the same folder (e.g. "PKMNsample.gb" & "PKMNsample.sav") in order to be recognised as being related to each other. I just named the sav files in a fashion to be easier to identify, you can rename them for yourself (personal non-commercial use only), of course.

As far as I was able to get info on that online, you should be able to trade this german language Mew to any non-japanese version of the games (should not cause issues as the letters and therefor save structures are the same across all non-japanese Pokemon games in the old generations).

Also I want to share, that my father (unexpectedly) died a few months after I uploaded Mew to this page.
Sadly and unfortunately I was not able to prolong his life beyond 6 weeks - as a young Medical Doctor who chose that path to save all the beloved ones (and other humans, of course), my humanly limits were very difficult to accept at that point but now I am doing well, do not worry about me, I have learned a lot from my father (who also was a Medical Doctor and a man with a benevolent spirit as well).
Nonetheless I am very happy and proud that Mew was saved, and ultimately will live on forever. It hopefully will bring people the same joy it caused when I received it from my lovely parents in summer 2000.

Finally, again I ask you all kindly, to respect this project and NOT re-upload or forward files without my written consent. The files are free for all and you can just share the link to this page with your friends, so they can download from here. If you mention or otherwisely refer to this anywhere, please give credit to me and my efforts made. Thank you very much!, 

All files are spread throughout this first post.
You do not need to search between pages or comments.


sav files with Lv5 (distribution original state) and Lv40 (leveled up) Mew:

Pokémon Blaue Edition (Blue) Mew Lv5 Lv40.savPokémon Rote Edition (Red) Mew Lv5 Lv40.savPokémon Gelbe Edition Special Pikachu Edition (Yellow) Mew Lv5 Lv40.sav


sav files with only Lv40 (leveled up) Mew:

Pokémon Blaue Edition.sav Pokémon Gelbe Edition Special Pikachu Edition.sav Pokémon Rote Edition.sav


pk1 files of Lv5 or Lv40 Mew:

151 - MEW - AUSTRIA Jipitoy 2000 Lv5 event condition.pk1151 - MEW - AUSTRIA Lv40 EV trained.pk1


20200817_231121.jpg 20200817_231119.jpg 

20200817_231117.jpg 20200817_231115.jpg.fc71e8c04282441b1c5b6d24afe2a077.jpg 

MewLv40RB.jpg.241fa5c4b3ea6b7c9f4aa3edea82a76d.jpg MewLv40Y.jpg.ba5bc5dd0761d0bf3443010f385d0d0b.jpg



Edited by DocMartin_HG
Added files and information.
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Right now, I think I had a moment of enlightenment. I do believe that Mew isn't this important to me because of how rare it is but rather because this is the most iconic thing that will always remind me of my parents. I feel so relieved to know it's not gone forever! 💖😭💖

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16 minutes ago, Sabresite said:

This is great thank you! We really appreciate your contribution!

Thank you for your lovely comment! It's great to have a platform like this on the internet where you can share and find event files and other nice stuff. Please enjoy my Mew 😊

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Thank you very much for this contribution. As someone who never got a legit mew or celebi myself back in the day (got traded a most likely glitched/sharked one), it is always a joy to see more of these rare mew getting preserved, and the feeling of getting yet another one (and an european one to say the least!) is still as fresh as with the first one.

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26 minutes ago, suloku said:

Thank you very much for this contribution. As someone who never got a legit mew or celebi myself back in the day (got traded a most likely glitched/sharked one), it is always a joy to see more of these rare mew getting preserved, and the feeling of getting yet another one (and an european one to say the least!) is still as fresh as with the first one.

Dear friend, I am glad to read your lovely comment and I hope you'll enjoy it a lot! :)


I was worried so many years not knowing if it still survived but in the end I was blessed with the gift of still having it 💖

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