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Gen 3 Competitive move set help


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Hay I need help badly, I've asked on discord but when I look it up on google (like some people have said to do) there are no helpful results...

all I'm asking is for help with some competitive move sets for my Pokémon in gen 3, in this case emerald/colo.

I need help with three move sets for Salamance for two event eggmoves and one for a normal in game eggmove, ill list them below.


* iron defense

* wish

* hydro pump

some of the most reliable sites were of no help when it came to move sets for these moves. even looking up "competitive (insert listed move here) salamance" resulted in no help at all just info for move sets for gens that are not gen 3 but had the moves in them. (granted smogon did have one for wish but not the set I thought was helpful sents I don't really use moves like protect that much)

I really need help with these move sets for gen 3, if anybody can help plz respond im about to give up looking for these sets and just focus on other Pokémon….

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1 hour ago, Hide said:

But what do you need to know? 🤔

If it works? If its possible to have these moves at once? 

no wish and iron defense cant be breed on baygon sents there event only moves, im looking for a moveset for wish salamance, iron defense salamance and hydro pump salamance

im going through my pokemon and making two boxes of competitive  versions of my mons for colo/XD use salamance is the start of this project im working on. I just need help making the move sets.

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@SpringtraP-MasK for starters it would probably be better to ask this question on Smogon forums since they're a competitive battle community.  But, any ways this is what I suggest:

Hydro Pump Set

Modest or Timid

Sp. Att 252/Speed 252 put the rest where you feel will help you


-Hydro Pump

-Dragon Claw

-Fire Blast

-HP Grass or Electric

Protect Set

I know you said that you don't like using Protect since it isn't in your play style, but if you're using Wish you kind of need Protect to get any form of effectiveness out of it since Salamence isn't bulky enough to shrug off 2 hits waiting for the Wish to occur.  So just use Smogon's set for Wish I promise you'll not find a better set for that move.

Iron Defense

Not a great move for Salamence since it fears Ice type moves which will force you to switch out thus making you loose you Defense buffs, but here's a set.


HP 252/Sp. Def 252/Speed 6

Chesto Berry

-Iron Defense




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1 minute ago, Poke J said:

@SpringtraP-MasK for starters it would probably be better to ask this question on Smogon forums since they're a competitive battle community.  But, any ways this is what I suggest:

thanks for your help mate, really appreciate it!

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@Poke J 's comments are alright. Just to further things a little bit:

Wish Salamence

Wish Salamence is intended to build a “soft” wall against another Pokémon and stall them. Basically, you take advantage of the Pokémon’s typing so it absorbs/negates damage after using toxic. If you do not have protect, then you do not get your chance to recover from the attacks and reduce the odds to stall your rivals.

In other words, protect allows wish to take effect on the second round, while toxic deals the damage. Flamethrower is there to help you with steel types, which are immune to toxic.

If you do not play it like this, any competent human would take your Pokémon right after you try wish.

Hydro Pump Salamance

The reason it is not featured as a competitive attack is because of coverage. Skills such as hidden power grass/flying deal good damage to Pokémon that threaten Salamence. You could try the Dragon Dance set and switch Hidden Power with Hydro Pump.

Iron Defense Salamence

That’s a waste of time. In the competitive field, this move is for Pokémon with great defensive abilities. You need several turns to improve Salamence’s average defensive stats so it becomes a threat.

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