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  1. would love to own a flash cart of these, ones that done use a save battery that is
  2. wonder if that adapter would allow trades from emulator to actual hardware. i wanted to know if that little thing could do it. (this was before i had accses to a homebrew wii and pkhex)
  3. im not holding onto hope there shiny, i doubt it would even happen. more likely its just a repeat of that event that distributed them before. tho if i had to guess only one would be shiny if at all posable
  4. its kinda unfare tbh, they know people want this and will try and rush it so they put up as may road blocks as posable to make money when you fish up
  5. wonder if it will have a event only move. but guessing from the poster it looks like a normal shiny not realy worth getting. fingers crossed it gets Dazzling gleam or somthing
  6. you can get the old sea map in emerald but anything got there was unreleased and isnt ligal if trasnfured to newer gens (I.E. the mew obtained there, but if you want it to be ligal after capture change the languege of the mon to japanese and it should be fine) you need to check the flags for the items to have them in your bag then check the flags to travel to the event islands checking the items flags will not trigger the event both flags need to be checked to activate the event
  7. from what i can tell its people who gave out unreleased shinys or tubers who have them just cuz they like the shiny of that mon (blanze got hit with a console, account and software ban all at once cuz he had a full living shiny dex with shinys gamefreak still refuses to give out) but from the video blanze did nintendo is looking into all pokemon youtubers cuz he contacted them wanting to know what happend.
  8. so i just found out that the ban wave is now spreading to youtubers who play pokemon.
  9. the pk8's are real, i just used the trade bot to get ahold of the legal pk8 files i just traded for the japan one to compleat my 6+ year legendary pokemon collection, and it is done. untill the shinys come out tho, but that wont happen
  10. my switch isnt hacked so i cant realy do that, if i had a switch lite i could do so sents that one be my go to save extractor all i can provide is copys of my pk8 files that ive managed to use a trade bot to clone them. its how i got the pk8 of the ones ive got ahold of
  11. your welcome if you need me to give a pk8 of the one i got from the code being used in the us i can provide it. the one i posted is one from a trade
  12. not gonna lie, id love a pk3 file of that mon, but i think you can just mix records again to get rid of the trainer.
  13. they probs unlock all the event islands tho and not just mews, seeing how that emerald has no online support for mystery gifts it would be safe to assume that all the event islands be unlocked in a switch port. tho you'd have to beat the main story to even get them like some rom hacks have done in the past. as for jarachi and celebi, they can do one of two things *have them in the pc at start *port over Pokemon Colosseum and Gale of darkness so there can be a way to get these two in a VC port. granted they have to have a bonus disc menu at the game select screen to begin with as a way to get them
  14. id give that a try, try changing the date to one of the dates it was available as a shiny and see if it works. i may try this too at some point if i need any more shiny melmetal lol also maybe look up the dates when the shiny meltan events went live? idk if the dates are archived here. i just found out you can go through the encounter databace and use the encounters listed and see if they work or not, so far the lv.1 ones can be marked shiny cuz im guessing there from LGPE. the others you have to change the OT and place in the box before you make them shiny. dont mind me trying to be a little helpful sents im not active here much
  15. why does pkhex say its not ligal when its a event?
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