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  1. to be honest if i may say something. if your gonna play the gba pokemon games on 3ds, i get a emulator instead of making the cia files. it could help avoid any save corruptions that would happen later on
  2. thanks slayer, your a big help
  3. i need help with getting a 31IV mewtwo to help recreate this team i found: https://pokepast.es/7ed9842aabe3f1b2 id apreciate anybody willing to help me get this mewtwo with a physical attack nature.
  4. i had this error trying to use it on a entie from colo cuz i wanted a shiny with better stats. every time i used it tho on any pokemon from colo they would turn into a pokemon hatched in a from a egg if its marked as shiny. idk whats going on but hope it was fixed
  5. if at any point you cant get what you want out of it id reflash the cart to a gba game you want and order a real copy from gamestop
  6. it was on here at one point but was taken down
  7. hay this is the strongest groudon i have in my emerald backup its not 31iv but its a strong as heck mixed attacker 383 ★ - GROUDON - 2D90199D6D49.pk3
  8. Version 2.0.0


    this is a raw dump of my LeafGreen competitive team save file this save is made of teams for use in colo/XD or link battles. some teams are direct copies or replicas of canon teams used by characters or gym leaders in the games from gen 1 through gen 8 if at all posable. so far I've only gotten to gen 3 cuz not many characters have past gen party members in there entire team, I plan to make the entire save full of competitive teams and even user contributed teams as well. 7 of these teams are my personal main and post game teams used from the games I still have, one is a recreation of my
  9. i need help with editing my spinda, i got the pattern i want but no way of putting the pattern values in pkhex... plz comment if you can help
    none of the gen 3 saves have any of the pokemon in the pics. kinda false advertising tbh
  10. you need to use the encounter databace and look for a pokemon with a egg icon depending on what mon you want, change the language to Spanish and nickname it if you want, otherwize uncheck the nickname box if you dont nickname.
  11. if this turns out to be real I got another mew to add to my og yellow cart
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