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Getting a ARM11 crash when I try to open Pokemon Omega Ruby

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I'm having a ARM11 error on my 3ds. So, I followed the site instructions to use PKHeX and Homebrew. It's working fine with my pokemon Ultra Moon (downloaded software) but when I try to open my Omega Ruby (physical copy) I get a ARM11 crash. I already tried to use a backup save and even deleting the entire save, but nothing seems to work. I have some crash dump files if needed. Also, I tested the game on my brother's 3ds (no custom firmware) and it works just fine.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-16 at 4.49.08 PM.jpeg


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1 hour ago, Gargoroth13 said:

When I try to open the game

I’ll assume you meant playing the physical cart. Sounds like an issue with the CFW. 

Load up other versions of the CFW (include Nightlies) to pinpoint which version introduced the problem. Then send them an issue with the ARM11 code on their github page.

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