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Can you still used pokemon home if you get banned?

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Hi everyone, I just wanna know if you can play pokemon home, which requires an internet connection, while banned? 

edit: Also, I’m not banned yet, but can I redownload the pokehome app that is on my homepage ready for download and be okay ban ish wise?

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@PokeTy20 do not multipost. If you have new information, just edit it into the latest unanswered post of yours. For now I merged your posts.

Probably not. From what I was told, being banned removes connectivity to game updates and such, which are free but requires internet connection.

Thus, I'm under the assumption that Pokémon HOME works under the same principle when being banned.

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Not that I care to help someone justify actions that could result in banning (that is how it sounds), but it also depends what you mean by being able to use Pokemon Home, as you can access your collection from both the Switch and from the App. A ban on a given Switch would not affect your access on the app.
Also, as I am no expert on banning situations, it could possibly be circumvented via either a secondary Switch (if the ban is to a specific console, as the data is on the servers, not the console) or by transferring them via the app to a secondary account (if the Nintendo Account is what is banned). If your Pokemon account itself is hit with a ban (not a thing to my knowledge) then you have no hope and only yourself to blame.

Either way... just don't do something stupid, yeah? It just risks ruining the fun for someone else and makes having continued fun much more expensive and time-consuming for yourself.

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54 minutes ago, Joes big toe said:

Got banned the other day, can say that you cannot use pokemon home whilst banned

Pokemon Home from the Mobile Version is still working?

Can I ask you what kind of ban do you have and how you get banned? (or the actions you think have triggered the ban)

Thanks! I think your report will be useful for many people.

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