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How to transfer emulator pokemon to Bank/Home?


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17 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

not possible to cheat legit, at best cheat legal.

Legit implies 0 external modifications, but if you cheating, then you're going against that vein..

yes sorry, cheat legal.
but does pk8 without bank or home have ban implications or not? perhaps, however, it is still unknown, better to wait I guess...

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There are no known ban situations for modded Pokemon. Instead, it would just fail the automatic online legality check (assuming you didn't make them correctly) and you'd get a message saying something like you can't use this pokemon or get an error code (neither have lasting effects, they just tell you that something went wrong and kick you out of whatever you tried to do).

A .pk8 Pokemon would be one that is designated to be in Gen 8 (Sword/Shield), so why would that be a problem? At this stage, really just breed/trade for everything if you need it, they're already available.

As to your original question, the only way I know of to move any emulated Pokemon into Bank is to first move them onto an actual save file accessed by a 3DS to be read by the Bank application. There are a couple ways to do this (involving homebrewing your 3ds system, which I will not detail how as it is hard and annoying and maybe not allowed topic?)

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