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Weekly Poll #10 Dialga Vs Palkia

Mewtwo Ex

Weekly Poll #10 Dialga Vs Palkia  

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  1. 1. Weekly Poll #10 Dialga Vs Palkia

    • Dialga - It contols time!
    • Palkia - It is the master space!
    • Who needs them!

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Continuing with the weekly poll, we have the two titans for the first two games based on the Sinnoh region:

Dialga [sprite]483[/sprite] and Palkia [sprite]484[/sprite]

Dialga [sprite]483[/sprite] [shinysprite]483[/shinysprite]

Type: Dragon/Steel

HP: 100

Attack: 120

Defense: 120

Sp. Attack: 150

Sp. Defense: 100

Speed: 90


+ Being Steel type makes it resistant Dragon, Ghost.

+ Immune to poison based attack.

+ It can control and alter the fabric of Time.

+ Has more HP than Palkia.


- Since it is Steel type it receives super effective damage from Ground attacks.

- Its signature move requires resting a turn unlike Palkia's.

Palkia [sprite]484[/sprite] [shinysprite]484[/shinysprite]

Type: Dragon/Water

HP: 90

Attack: 120

Defense: 100

Sp. Attack: 150

Sp. Defense: 120

Speed: 100


+Part Water allows it to learn water type moves most cannot.

+ Its signature move can be used without resting.

+ It can can control the fabric of Space and travel in/to it.

+ It is faster than Dialga.


- It is weak against its own type - Dragon.

- It can be poisoned unlike its rival Dialga.


I personally prefer Dialga. It can control time and therefor alter it. Not to mention it has higher defense in the primary offensive type - Physical making its Defense quite good (not best either). And Roar of time (its signature move) has a power of 150 that can easily knock out Palkia.

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I say Dialga cause this baby is my second fave Steel and Legendary poke ^_^. Next only to Meta and Arceus respectively. Its not weak to DRAGON for god sakes and neither ice. So what if its weak to fighting and ground? Fighting is hardly ever used in the Uber meta-game where Dialga resides and there are pokes more than ready to come in for free or low damage on Fighting and Ground attacks......unlike Palkia that gets destroyed by the most common attacking type there.....Dragon.

Not to mention Dialga can go Mixed whereas Palkia cannot pull it off. Dialga has way more resistances than Palkia to boot. It cannot be toxic stalled either being a steel type. Has unique typing as well. More than anything....looks waaaay cooler than Palkia too >:]

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I've posted something like this in a thread a couple of hours before.

Firstly i chose palkia over dialga because it's my favorite dragon pokemon.

I chose palkia because dialga is a stup*dly uber pokemon(dragon/steel + roar of time) and many will say dialga owns palkia by that. It maybe true if it weren't slow and if palkia only has dragon and water type moves in him.

so there again it is smart battling while not depending on heavily favored pokemon. I mean, has anyone of you used the un-hacked dialga to battle Cynthia's garchomp and not having a single scratch on dialga in all those repeated battle in Elite 4?

but i'm a little disappointed in the HP differences because Palkia is a dragon/water type which will make more sense if he has more HP.

but still overall Palkia owns dialga.(sorry again for dialga fans)

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