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not sure if its 100% possible, but i've read that people can do it and such, just wondering, how?

if anyone knows?

i really wanna connect my gba with my vba so i can trade and stuff lol.

if anyone can give me the know how on this, it'd be much appreciated.

also willing to buy anything i need haha.

i've got a wifi modem for my internet, and i got the wifi adapters for gba, but not sure if they are compatible.

any info is help, thanks.

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dealextreme. free worldwide shipping, but it takes like 10 days to get to you :)

ok, what i would do- get a cheap slot 1 flash cart for ds (you'll need a micro sd card, the cheapest, smallest capacity will do).

then put a homebrew program on it- gba backup tool.

it takes the rom or gba save from slot 2 (pokemon game) and saves it to the micro sd card.

then put that save on your pc, and load no$gba ( i think this emu does it...) and you can load two pokemon games and trade. :)

sounds complicated, you can do it all for less than $15 i'm guessing.

plus, you'll get a flash cart :)

this is if you have a ds though.

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i'm not sure how to rip gba saves from their cart, although their might be homebrew for gba flash cards or something? i'm not too sure, i would google how to rip gba saves :)

The homebrew gba backup tool by Rodolph is the only way I know of to rip GBA saves and it is quite reliable. Just about any slot-1 flash cart for the ds will do this for you, just make sure you have a non-dsi system for obvious reasons. I hope I have answered your questions.

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Get a Nintendo DS, any version is fine. Get a flashcart, that works on your version of the Nintendo DS, AND supports homebrew, (preferrably an R4 clone.)

Get the GBA backup tool. It lets you backup or restore saves in GBA games.

Other than that, no go. Unless some genius came up with the method of somehow connecting the gba with adapt- wait, there is a wifi adapter for gba?! I think you mean the wireless adapter. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Alas, this might be an old thread, but the easiest way is to employ an AR with USB game-save back up:

- Place the AR on the GBA, and then place the GBA cartridge on the AR

- The AR can connect to the PC with an USB cable

- Once connected, you run the program that comes with it and select the feature to back-up your game

- You can employ those game-saves with the emulator, run the trade as the guys above described and then restore your game.

- Do keep in mind that game saves might corrupt.



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