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  1. yeah theres a wireless adapter, i got two, but i've searched for hours to try to connect to my home network, no luck
  2. awesome =D lol. what i mainly want to do is just trade my pokemon from rom to cartridge
  3. i don't thanks alot for the details though, what about gba?
  4. know where i can find this stuff? if so, please link me. much appreciated.
  5. hey not sure if its 100% possible, but i've read that people can do it and such, just wondering, how? if anyone knows? i really wanna connect my gba with my vba so i can trade and stuff lol. if anyone can give me the know how on this, it'd be much appreciated. also willing to buy anything i need haha. i've got a wifi modem for my internet, and i got the wifi adapters for gba, but not sure if they are compatible. any info is help, thanks.
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