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Regarding the event Gengar (male) from XY


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On Bulbapedia it says this Gengar can be male or female. On Serebii, I think this event doesn´t even appear on EventDex. The event on this site is male. Which site is correct? Or you didn´t find the female version? Do you know if this event has a female version? 

I am really bugged by this, sorry.


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Actually, I'm dumb and didn't realize this was a different shiny gengar. 

I'm honestly not sure if this one was gender locked. There are few repeats of this event that are locked to male. I'd honestly trust what PP.org has over Bulbapedia though. 

Edit: Did a little digging. If you want to believe all the proof this person offered in 2015, they got a female one:

Specifically:  https://imgur.com/KXgPyWO

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56 minutes ago, tacocat777 said:

Can't speak about this event specifically, but remember that in Gen 6 gender was locked to the WC-- it's determined sometime during the redemption process.

Gender is locked on the wonder card, even if the gender ratio is random.

This is the process for gen 6:
Meaning wc6full is random -> when sent to 3ds -> becomes wc6, stuck at male or female before user even redeems it.

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