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Please rate my SoulSilver/Pearl team.


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Hadn't slept in awhile when I posted my Platinum BP eon team....... But that's old news. This team is a compilation of my 837x3 hours on Pearl, and my 406 hours on SoulSilver. Mainly based around some of the more common sets you see because they contain alot of my favs.

Bred countless times to get the IV's just right, but the EV's were a little easier.

Metagross @ Berry* (Fire)

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Clear Body

EVs: Atk-252 Speed-40 Def-218

Role: Phys. Wall/Sweeper

- Bullet Punch

- Earthquake

- Explosion

- Stealth Rock

*Added Bullet for priority move as suggested, and seems to be better. I'm actually shocked.

Slot 2, empty :(

Arcanine @ Life Orb

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Flash Fire

EVs: 4-Hp 252-Atk 252-Speed

Role: Lead - Phys. Sweeper

- Flare Blitz

- Earthquake

- ExtremeSpeed

- Swords Dance

Comment: SD to any attack depending on who's on the other side. Plain job, plain description.

Dragonite @ Leftovers

Nature: Forgot, but I'm sure it's +Atk

Ability: Inner Focus

EVs: Atk-252 SpDef-101 Speed-105

Role: Sweeper

- Superpower

- Fire Punch

- Draco Meteor

- Roost

Comment: Dargon does his job nice, it's clean, like I like.

Suicune @ Lum Berry

Nature: Timid

Ability: Pressure

EVs: 252-SpAtk 252-SpDef 4-HP

Role: Sp.Sweep/Wall

- Calm Mind

- Hydro Pump

- Ice Beam

- Rest

Comment: OMG Suicune.. yeah. Vaporeon just didn't cut it, and I'm sorry, but Swampert's sprite is fugly, I just can't. Makes a nice Special Sweeper/Wall, hard to kill.

Slot six, empty :(

Please, criticize until you faint. Any and all suggestions are very welcomed.

Even after all that work, my team can very well still be better.

If I didn't list anything, tell me.

Note: I more than likely have a role that needs to be filled, but my mind can't place what....

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Metagross @ Leftovers

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Clear Body

EVs: Atk-40 Speed-252 Def-201

Role: Lead - Phys. Wall/Sweeper

- Meteor Mash

- Earthquake

- Explosion

- Stealth Rock

The EVs are like...all over the place.

First off, remember, EVs only are divisible by 4. So 201 isn't going to do any good. A proper EV spread, in your case, would be 252/40/218.

Now, about the actual EVs, what is 252 speed helping you outrun? That brings you up to 239 (assuming 31 IV), which is one point lower than a +speed Swampert..

and very few Swampert sets run any speed at all.

Ditch the speed EVs because nothing with Metagross' low speed range is going to outrun it anyway. Slap on Bullet Punch over Meteor Mash so you can 2hko Azelf and Aero.

If you're going to Explode, don't waste Leftovers. Use a Berry to cover your ground or fire weakness, or Lum Berry to absorb status.

Espeon @ Wise Glasses

Nature: Rash

Ability: Sync

EVs: 252-SpAtk 252-SpDef 4-Def

Role: Sp. Sweeper/Wall

- Will-o-Wisp

- Calm Mind

- Psychic

- Shadow Ball

Espeon has pretty decent SpD, so you don't want a nature to hinder it. Go for Modest instead.

That being said, I have no idea what this is doing. You're using Espeon as a special wall while sacrificing it's pretty awesome speed? It's a misuse of a Pokemon. Blissey is the best special wall, bar none. Dusknoir can also do this job decently as well, with access to WOW, Pain Split, and good defenses on both sides.

Arcanine will have a very short lifespan if it isn't a lead due to SR weakness.

Dragonite is your fairly standard wall breaker.

Arcanine and Lucario are basically doing the exact same thing. No need to have both of them. Same with Suicune and the current Espeon set.

The only two Pokemon that have a clearly defined and unique role are Metagross and Dragonite. From there you have two special walls and two SD sweepers. Ditch one from each category and get two new Pokemon in.

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- Suicune is a great pokemon.. but whats wrong with swamperts spite?

Anyways roar or rest for the last slot, if it's a wall why is there life orb on it? give it leftovers to increase this beast's longetivity. Including a sleep talk there wouldn't be bad but not required

- Dragonite is a great wall breaker, it might be a little slow to sweep, try giving it more speed. Or try out extreme speed

Here are the tiers.. according to smogon

Metagross - Over Used

Espeon - Under Used

Arcanine - Under Used

Dragonite - Over Used

Suicune- Over Used

Lucario - Over Used

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Umbreon @ Leftovers

Modest Nature

Ability: Synchronize

EV's 252-Def 252-SpD 4-Speed

Role: A big fat annoying stall.

Confuse Ray




Instead of Espeon..

CR and Toxic whatever comes out, and I'm not sure if I can use attract as well, but that too if I can. Moonlight with Leftovers and it's EV's just worsen the misery.

I have no idea if this is any good at all. It's just a theory Pokemon. I'm not all that sure with this one..

And memjee, how about Dragon Dance? Raises Atk and Speed.

I took out Suicune*, Lucario, and Espeon. Any help on what the replacements should be?

I'm hardly familiar with the competitive scene, not to mention I don't even know all the roles.. but I want to make a good team, and I obviously need help.

Edit*: Probably gonna ditch Espeon's replacement and keep Suicune, tag on rest with a Lum. Good? And it's possible that if I knew all the possible roles that I could come up with a rough team that would just need a little patching up instead of having multiple Pokemon doing the same thing in a complete mess :) Gonna vist Smogon and see if I can't study up.

But continued help until I have an okay team is really appreciated.

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Dragon Dance Dragonite is good and all, yet it's overclassed by the salamence dd variation.

You could run DD on dragonite, but use it's stat advantages, mainly it's bulkiness.

I would play dragonite for it's strenths, mainly it's huge movepool. DD works though

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Suicune, give it chesto berry instead, as lum heals all statuses, while rest soaks up statuses and heals the sleep.

I've recently tried out dragonite (Replacing Salamence) as my wall breaker

And I am extremely satisfied with the results

Dragonite (F) @ White Herb

Ability: Inner Focus

EVs: 200 Atk/252 Spd/58 SAtk

Hasty nature (+Spd, -Def)

- Draco Meteor

- Extremespeed

- Superpower

- Roost/Other

Info: I suggest adding white herb, for double Draco or Superpower. I say extremepower is a must for it's priority, which is now the main reason to use it over it's counterpart. Fourth slot is a filler I have roost on for now.

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One thing I see wrong that easily ruins Arcanine, Arcanine doesn't learn Swords Dance.

Also for Metagrosses EV's Put:

252 HP/ 236Atk/ 12 Def/ 8 Spe its the standard Metagross lead.

As for the 6th Slot, I would recommend Scizor. Scizor basically fits on most any team that I've seen, and it mostly does good at revenge killing.

And why only have 4 HP on a Wall Suicune? You need 252 HP. And why have an offensive move that your limited to in PP? So try this;

Suicune @ Leftovers

Ability: Pressure

EVs: 252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 SAtk

Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)

- Surf

- Calm Mind

- Roar

- Ice Beam / Hidden Power Electric / Rest

Scizor @ Choice Band

Ability: Technician

EVs: 250 HP/252 Atk/8 Spd

Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

- Bullet Punch

- U-turn

- Superpower

- Pursuit

Revenge killer since you probably need a stonger one then Arcanine.

Also I would highly recommend replacing Arcanine since I'm assuming your playing standard OU. Arcanine just doesn't stay around to long with Stealth Rock + Spikes and the occasional Toxic Spikes, and to top that off you have a Life Orb. Since you want a SD Sweeper I would recommend Infernape, it has awesome stabs and almost exact same type, but it only x1 affected by Stealth Rocks

Infernape @ Life Orb

Jolly nature (+Spe, -SAtk)

EVs: 252 Atk/ 4 Def/ 252 Spe

- Swords Dance

- Close Combat

- Fire Punch / Flare Blitz

- Stone Edge / Mach Punch

And that's about it that I think could improve your team.

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