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A super month for Pokémon Go is ahead of us! Key dates and times below!

Registration opens for Safari Zone (Yokosuka, Japan) - Friday, July 6, 10am JST
Articuno Day - Saturday, July 7, for 3 hours (timings below)
Community Day - Sunday, July 8, for 3 hours (timings below)
Pokémon Go Fest - Saturday, July 14 to Sunday, July 15.
Below contains more detailed information regarding these events.

Articuno Day
As Professor Willow’s Global Challenge was completed, Articuno Day was unlocked.
During a 3 hour period on July 7, Articuno will return as a raid boss, and has a chance of being shiny.
Players will get up to 5 free raid passes, upon getting one per swipe of a photo-disc at a gym.


  • The Asia-Pacific region: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. JST (GMT +9)
  • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: 9:00 a.m.to 12:00 p.m. UTC (GMT +0)
  • The Americas and Greenland: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PT (GMT -8)

Here's an image to compare between the standard and shiny variant.

July Community Day
As per previous Community Days, a new shiny variant and exclusive move will be added to the roster of Pokémon available in Pokémon Go.

First off, the shiny variant of the Squirtle line will be added to the games,
and any Blastoise evolved in the 3 hour period will obtain the exclusive move Hydro Cannon.

Here's quick look at the normal and shiny sprites:
Additionally, it was also announced that completing research tasks during the event gives players a chance to encounter a Squirtle wearing Sunglasses!
It is not known whether Sunglasses Squirtle can be shiny, and also not known what variant of sunglasses the Squirtle will bear.

Here's a mockup on what it *may* look like.
Note: Artist's Interpretation, not official.

Date and Times for the Event:
Sunday, July 8

  • Europe, Middle East, Africa, India: 10am to 1pm (BST)
  • North America, South America and Greenland: 11am to 2pm (PST), 2pm to 5pm (EST)
  • Asia Pacific: 12pm to 3pm (JST), 1pm to 4pm (AEST)

GO FEST 2018

Players need to purchase a ticket in order to take part in this year's GO Fest (which are all sold out now),
however it was announced that various Pokémon that will show up in GO Fest,
such astrapinch.pngTrapinch andfeebas.pngFeebas, will also appear more frequently worldwide.

Additionally, shiny Plusle and Minun will appear shiny for the first time in the game, available worldwide.

Furthermore, this will mark the first time for Alolan Diglett and Alolan Geodude to be available in the games.
This is also the only way to get then in the Let's Go series, by transferring them from Pokémon Go.

Most importantly, datamining of the game resources shows that Celebi will be available to players at GO Fest!
It'll likely be released worldwide afterwards as a Mythical Research Quest, just like Mew.


Safari Zone at Yokosuka, Japan

With Safari Zone at Dortmund, Germany now behind us, a new Safari Zone event has been announced!
This event requires registration for free tickets (award via lottery system),
and the Pokéstops and Pokémon will only be accessible by scanning the QR code when swiping the Pokéstop.

Pokémon such astropius.pngTropius (regional exclusive) andunown.pngUnown (a hard-to-find spawn) will make an appearance.
Additionally, Pokémon such astorchic.pngTorchic andfeebas.pngFeebas will spawn more frequently across Japan.
Lastly,wingull.pngWingull will spawn more frequently across the world, and give players a chance to encounter it's shiny variant.

Registration period is between Friday, July 6, at 10:00 a.m. JST and close Friday, July 20, at 10:00 a.m. JST,
to be done on their application webpage.

The event will run between Wednesday, August 29 to Sunday, September 2.

Closing Note
This site will be useful for players to track when the events begin, and you can even select your respective timezone!

If you happen to get any extra limited creatures like Shiny Articuno,
do know that we are attempting to collect various Pokémon to transfer to Let's Go,
and have them uploaded to our events gallery! Do contact theSLAYER if you intend to contribute!

Happy Playing!


Event News: PokemonGoLive.com, Eurogamer, GoFest Quests on TheSilphRoad
Pokémon GO sprites: PokemonGoWikia

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I've been looking for Someone in Japan that can get a QR ticket for me for the ''Special Weekend''

Tickets can be obtained by answering questionaires and shopping at various stores and exchanged for participation tickets on:
Softbank/Wy Mobile - July 5
McDonalds - From July 11
Toho Cinemas - From July 13
Aeon - From July 13
Joyful - From July 15
Tully's Coffee - From July 24

On the weekened of July 26th through 29th, there will be special events held at partner locations across Japan. These locations require purchasing a ticket at stores which then allow you to check in at participating sponsored PokéStops on the day. When at the event, from 10:00 to 18:00 JST on particular days, there will be increased spawns of various Pokémon and Double Experience for all participants with the spawns happening anywhere in Japan.

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