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Using PKHeX: How to Use PKHaX Mode with PKHeX

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This tutorial will show to to activate PKHaX mode on PKHeX. This mode will allow you to give Pokemon illegal abilities, stats, and much more.

Please Note: "Project Pokémon does not support or condone cheating at the expense of others. While this community contains research, information, and utilities allowing people to create their own Pokémon, we do not agree with using them against players who are unaware that significantly hacked"

Please visit the following page for more information about Project Pokemon's Cheating Policy:

Making your own batch file for PKHaX is fairly simple. In this tutorial, the resulting batch file will be identical to the file I provided above, but will not have an icon, and will be in a ".bat" format instead of a ".exe" format.

1. Navigate to a folder to make the batch file. Right click inside of the folder, then click on "new", then click on "Text Document"


2. Rename the new text file to whatever you like (I will rename mine "PKHaX").


3. Open your new text file, then paste in this code

start pkhex hax
exit 0


4. Click on "File" then click on "Save As"


5. When the "Save As" window comes up, add ".bat" as shown in the picture below, to the end of your file name. Then click "Save"


6. Go back to the folder in which you just saved your new batch file. Make sure you are using the batch file and not the text file.


7. Move the batch file you just created into the same folder as PKHeX. Then open your PKHaX batch file and PKHeX with PKHaX mode should open correctly.



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