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Porybox 1.4.0: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon support!

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Porybox is an open-source online Pokémon viewer and clone checker. Upload your pk6, pk7 or save files to your account to display your Pokémon’s information!

Main features

- Store and organize your collection online, with privacy settings you control. Options include private (visible only to you), public (freely downloadable by anyone), and viewable (basic details visible to anyone, but more sensitive ones such as PID hidden).
- See detailed information not immediately viewable in game such as IVs, EVs, and happiness.
- Share links to individual Pokémon or boxes of Pokémon you want to show to other people.
- Check to see if your Pokémon already exist as clones in the Porybox database.

What's new in v1.4.0

The latest version introduces full support for Pokémon Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun!

The project

Porybox is a community effort and is open source. If you think you can help, you can join #porybox on irc.synirc.net, or check out the CONTRIBUTING.md file on GitHub.



And here are the relevant links:
Porybox | GitHub page | PP.org forum thread

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Seems useful, at least organization, I think it will help what I'm trying to complete, at least on organizing my pokemon or .pk files? Not sure, however seems cool.


Edit-I missed the pk files part cool. Hopefully now I can get some help with event pokemon, getting all of them legal up to .pk7 or the highest gen possible isn't easy, I found not mnay sources og event pokemon, wonder trade and special event, like VGC worlds and stuff. One day it'll be done, and up to date on a daily basis.

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