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Porybox, an online Pokémon viewer and clone checker (now works with gen7!)


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Hello Project Pokémon!

Here's a project the moderators of /r/pokemontrades have been working on as somewhat of a spiritual successor to Pokécheck of the old days: Porybox!

What can I do with Porybox?

In short, it does this. Also, this!

- Store and organize your collection online, with privacy settings you control. Options include private (visible only to you), public (freely downloadable by anyone), and viewable (basic details visible to anyone, but more sensitive ones such as PID hidden).

- See detailed information that is not immediately viewable in game such as IVs, EVs, and happiness.

- Share links to individual Pokémon or boxes of Pokémon you want to show to other people.

- Make Pokémon available for download, or download Pokémon other people have made public.

- Check to see if your Pokémon already exist as clones in the Porybox database.

Please note that the site is still under development, and should not be considered stable. If you experience any issues, please let us know.

Planned features

- Legality analysis

- Support for Pokémon files in pre-gen 6 format

- Site-wide search

- And more!

The project

Porybox is a free and open-source project with its source hosted on GitHub, and anyone can contribute to it.

We also have a dedicated subreddit (/r/porybox) and an IRC channel (#porybox on SynIRC) for discussion.


We would like to thank the following people and communities for their help, direct or indirect, in making Porybox happen:

See the credits.

You will recognize a lot of names from this forum. I cannot stress enough how useful your research was to the project. Thank you again!

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Gen7 support
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Version 1.0.0-beta8 is out!


  • You can now set your default box visibility and Pokémon privacy setting in Account Settings.
  • The page system has been redone – instead of separate pages with buttons to navigate through them, everything displays on one page with infinite scrolling.
  • There is now a "Back to box" button for other users' Pokémon. It only works when the box is listed.
  • Improved feedback for editing/deleting boxes as well as the login, register, and password change forms.
  • Forgotten passwords can now be reset.


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Version 1.0.0-beta9 is available!


  • Decrypted save files can now be uploaded to Porybox directly. You can use save files from JKSM or svdt, for example.
  • If a Pokémon is not unique in the Porybox database, a list of its duplicates will be displayed.
  • Hidden Power type, base stat total, and EV total were added to the Pokémon's summary page.
  • Notes now support a GitHub/reddit style Markdown.


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Excellent application. Could I ask about some of the flags you've used?


this.hasHA = this.data.abilityNum === 4;

I noticed your example Porygon has abilityNum flag of 4 - could you go into detail about this abilityNumber flag and the possibilities it could have?

Your Porygon also has a memoryIntensity of 7 - I'd assumed that memoryIntensity ranged from 0 to 6 - which values have you found for this field and what combinations can it have?

I'm working on a converter website from Gen 1 to 6 and these two values I couldn't identify in your Porygon, assuming my implementation is wrong not yours :-)

Thanks keep up the good work!

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2 new versions have been released since my last post:

Version 1.0.0-beta10:


  • The bug causing duplicate lists to duplicate themselves infinitely upon scrolling has been fixed.
  • IV values of 0 now display properly again.
  • Items that contain multiple spaces in their names are now displayed properly.
  • There is now a read-only mode: Porybox may go into read-only mode from time to time during maintenance.


Version 1.1.0:


  • Added Memory Ribbons
  • Ribbons are now displayed as images
  • Fixed tooltip colors


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v1.2.0 is up!


  • Pokémon can be moved from one box to another.
  • Gender symbols have been added to the box view.
  • Forgotten usernames can be recovered if you had set up an email address.
  • A warning is displayed if you upload a Pokémon with its visibility setting set to Public.
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v1.3.0 is out!

The biggest change is that Porybox now supports generation 7. You can upload your pk7 or decrypted save files to view your Pokémon data.


  • Full support for generation 7: Pokémon, sprites, moves, abilities.
  • Support for pk7 and gen7 decrypted save file uploads.
  • Documentation updated for Sun and Moon.
  • Improved notification messages.
  • Display generation in upload info.
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