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USUM - NicoNico Livestream Corsola

King Impoleon

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A New Pokemon Distribution was Announced today.
For viewers of Nico Nico live stream on 2018/01/14 a special serial code is distributed, where you are able to receive a Corsola on your Japanese USUM versions.

Here are some Translated information from the Site:
In addition, for Nico Nico Live Broadcast audience, a special gift for "Sanjiugo" at the beginning. For details of how to receive, check the Nico Nico Live Program page

At a later date, the niconico account you applied for "Serial code receiving page"
It will send you an announcement with serial code.

So it sounds you must have a Account at the NicoNico website for watching the Livestream and to reciving the serialcode, it is not said if this is a common or unique serialcode.

Pokemon Website
NicoNico Website

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24 minutes ago, Sabresite said:

It is up! You can get it here. We will put it on the gallery soon.

I was actually gonna hold off the uploads till official release dates, since details might change.

but given today is a Friday, I doubt they'll be able to change it before official date (it typically appears that they don't work on weekends)

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