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Pokemon Festa 2017 (Korea)


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Whenever there's a Pokemon Festa, there's usually events distribution!
(tho right now, promotional material only seem to focus on Pokemon GO.
Perhaps they'll mirror the Pikachu Outbreak Yokohama had?)



I'll update this page, as the story breaks.

In the mean time, @BLACKBIRD and @katsuya , any idea if you guys have at least one free day to go? :3

@wraith89 , is it possible to enlist your help regarding translating the details of this ><

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Sure thing. Honestly there is not much information on this single poster.

First poster: 
PLAY with Pokemon

National Greatest Scale of Pikachu and Together Pokemon FESTA

Finally Korea event is decided! 2017 November 4 (SAT) - November 12 (SUN)
*Exact information will be released later


(Second poster starts with that same heading from above)

* Pokemon Popup Story (1F Atrium)
* Pokemon Movie Stamp Rally (Shopping Mall Whole Area)
* Pikachu Parade * Dance * Phototime (Shopping Mall Whole Area)
* Pokemon Game * Card Game Event (7F Cinepark)

POKEMON GO:  There will be a Mass Outbreak of a rare Pokemon usually unable to be found.

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