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This is an adapted and alternate take on Coin Case glitch in Generation 2,
as we would end up chaining a few of time, to get desired effects.

Once you've set up the PC list of items, and create the required Pokemon for the glitch, it can be reused pretty easily.

If you need any items, such as Pass to travel, just use this glitch to give yourself another one XD

Basic Set-up for glitch
A1. Set up your party:
- Third slot is low level Pokemon with low attack IVs (glitch may fail if this is incorrect)
- Fourth slot is Quagsire with Sleep Talk as First Move, holding Protein.
- A Pokemon with Fly

Example below is a typical set-up. Ignore statement about Red Gyarados > Egg for now.:

A2. Set up these items in PC, in this order. I recommend to never touch the PC items ever again.


- [Any Item] x[Any Amount]
- [Any Item] x[Any Amount]
- X Accuracy x7
- TM26 (Earthquake) x1
- [Any Item] x[Any Amount]
- Super Repel x94
- Stardust x1
- [Any Item] x[Any Amount]
- Dire Hit x87
- Super Repel x55
- Ether x3
- Poke Ball x94
- Berry Juice x1
- [Any Item] x[Any Amount]
- Dire Hit x95
- Super Repel x3
- Pass (x1)
- [Any Item] x[Any Amount]
- Potion x46
- HM03 (Surf) (x1)
- X Speed x1
- Full Heal x18
- Flower Mail x51
- TM06 (Toxic) x1
- [Any Item] x[Any Amount]
- TM41 (ThunderPunch) x[Any Amount]


Some of these items may be hard to get.
If you need extra of a rare item, do the standard cloning glitch.
If you need duplicate stacks of the item in the PC, deposit multiple stacks of x99, then withdraw the unneeded amount from each stack.

Now you're all set-up!

Performing the glitch:
Well, it's pretty simple.

B1. Fly to Cherrygrove (if you're not already there)


B2. Rename Box 9 to the desired name (read: content page for specific glitches and effects!)

B3. Save the game before leaving Pokemon Center

B4. Enter the mart, then leave the mart, then go 4 steps to the right.

B5. Open Pokedex, and go to "Cry" to listen to Bellsprout's Cry

B6. Open Bag. Flip around pockets <- a must!
Check Coin case.

B7. At this point, if the game didn't crash, whatever desired effect has taken place!

Table for Names and Code, for reference


(Note that $ is the male symbol and % the female symbol. The space is represented as _.

Hex Index Number Pokemon Name Item Name Moves Box 9 last 2 characters
0x00 0 (none) (none) (none) AA
0x01 1 Bulbasaur Master Ball Pound AB
0x02 2 Ivysaur Ultra Ball Karate Chop* AC
0x03 3 Venusaur BrightPowder Double Slap AD
0x04 4 Charmander Great Ball Comet Punch AE
0x05 5 Charmeleon Poké Ball Mega Punch AF
0x06 6 Charizard Teru-sama Pay Day AG
0x07 7 Squirtle Bicycle Fire Punch AH
0x08 8 Wartortle Moon Stone Ice Punch AI
0x09 9 Blastoise Antidote Thunder Punch AJ
0x0A 10 Caterpie Burn Heal Scratch AK
0x0B 11 Metapod Ice Heal Vice Grip AL
0x0C 12 Butterfree Awakening Guillotine AM
0x0D 13 Weedle Parlyz Heal Razor Wind AN
0x0E 14 Kakuna Full Restore Swords Dance AO
0x0F 15 Beedrill Max Potion Cut AP
0x10 16 Pidgey Hyper Potion Gust* AQ
0x11 17 Pidgeotto Super Potion Wing Attack AR
0x12 18 Pidgeot Potion Whirlwind AS
0x13 19 Rattata Escape Rope Fly AT
0x14 20 Raticate Repel Bind AU
0x15 21 Spearow Max Elixer Slam AV
0x16 22 Fearow Fire Stone Vine Whip AW
0x17 23 Ekans Thunderstone Stomp AX
0x18 24 Arbok Water Stone Double Kick AY
0x19 25 Pikachu Teru-sama Mega Kick AZ
0x1A 26 Raichu HP Up Jump Kick BZ
0x1B 27 Sandshrew Protein Rolling Kick CZ
0x1C 28 Sandslash Iron Sand Attack* DZ
0x1D 29 Nidoran (Female) Carbos Headbutt EZ
0x1E 30 Nidorina Lucky Punch Horn Attack FZ
0x1F 31 Nidoqueen Calcium Fury Attack GZ
0x20 32 Nidoran (Male) Rare Candy Horn Drill HZ
0x21 33 Nidorino X Accuracy Tackle IZ
0x22 34 Nidoking Leaf Stone Body Slam JZ
0x23 35 Clefairy Metal Powder Wrap KZ
0x24 36 Clefable Nugget Take Down LZ
0x25 37 Vulpix Poké Doll Thrash MZ
0x26 38 Ninetales Full Heal Double-Edge NZ
0x27 39 Jigglypuff Revive Tail Whip OZ
0x28 40 Wigglytuff Max Revive Poison Sting PZ
0x29 41 Zubat Guard Spec. Twineedle QZ
0x2A 42 Golbat Super Repel Pin Missile RZ
0x2B 43 Oddish Max Repel Leer SZ
0x2C 44 Gloom Dire Hit Bite* TZ
0x2D 45 Vileplume Teru-sama Growl UZ
0x2E 46 Paras Fresh Water Roar VZ
0x2F 47 Parasect Soda Pop Sing WZ
0x30 48 Venonat Lemonade Supersonic XZ
0x31 49 Venomoth X Attack Sonic Boom YZ
0x32 50 Diglett Teru-sama Disable ZZ
0x33 51 Dugtrio X Defend Acid aT
0x34 52 Meowth X Speed Ember aU
0x35 53 Persian X Special Flamethrower aV
0x36 54 Psyduck Coin Case Mist aW
0x37 55 Golduck Itemfinder Water Gun aX
0x38 56 Mankey Teru-sama Hydro Pump aY
0x39 57 Primeape Exp.Share Surf aZ
0x3A 58 Growlithe Old Rod Ice Beam bZ
0x3B 59 Arcanine Good Rod Blizzard cZ
0x3C 60 Poliwag Silver Leaf Psybeam dZ
0x3D 61 Poliwhirl Super Rod Bubble Beam eZ
0x3E 62 Poliwrath PP Up Aurora Beam fZ
0x3F 63 Abra Ether Hyper Beam gZ
0x40 64 Kadabra Max Ether Peck hZ
0x41 65 Alakazam Elixer Drill Peck iZ
0x42 66 Machop Red Scale Submission jZ
0x43 67 Machoke SecretPotion Low Kick kZ
0x44 68 Machamp S.S.Ticket Counter lZ
0x45 69 Bellsprout Mystery Egg Seismic Toss mZ
0x46 70 Weepinbell Clear Bell* Strength nZ
0x47 71 Victreebell Silver Wing Absorb oZ
0x48 72 Tentacool Moomoo Milk Mega Drain pZ
0x49 73 Tentacruel Quick Claw Leech Seed qZ
0x4A 74 Geodude PSNCureBerry Growth rZ
0x4B 75 Graveler Gold Leaf Razor Leaf sZ
0x4C 76 Golem Soft Sand Solar Beam tZ
0x4D 77 Ponyta Sharp Beak Poison Powder uZ
0x4E 78 Rapidash PRZCureBerry Stun Spore vZ
0x4F 79 Slowpoke Burnt Berry Sleep Powder wZ
0x50 80 Slowbro Ice Berry Petal Dance xZ
0x51 81 Magnemite Poison Barb String Shot yZ
0x52 82 Magneton King's Rock Dragon Rage zZ
0x53 83 Farfetch'd Bitter Berry Fire Spin ta
0x54 84 Doduo Mint Berry Thunder Shock ua
0x55 85 Dodrio Red Apricorn Thunderbolt va
0x56 86 Seel TinyMushroom Thunder Wave wa
0x57 87 Dewgong Big Mushroom Thunder xa
0x58 88 Grimer SilverPowder Rock Throw ya
0x59 89 Muk Blu Apricorn Earthquake za
0x5A 90 Shellder Teru-sama Fissure zb
0x5B 91 Cloyster Amulet Coin Dig zc
0x5C 92 Gastly Ylw Apricorn Toxic zd
0x5D 93 Haunter Grn Apricorn Confusion ze
0x5E 94 Gengar Cleanse Tag Psychic zf
0x5F 95 Onix Mystic Water Hypnosis zg
0x60 96 Drowzee TwistedSpoon Meditate zh
0x61 97 Hypno Wht Apricorn Agility zi
0x62 98 Krabby Black Belt Quick Attack zj
0x63 99 Kingler Blk Apricorn Rage zk
0x64 100 Voltorb Teru-sama Teleport zl
0x65 101 Electrode Pnk Apricorn Night Shade zm
0x66 102 Exeggcute BlackGlasses Mimic zn
0x67 103 Exeggutor SlowpokeTail Screech zo
0x68 104 Cubone Pink Bow Double Team zp
0x69 105 Marowak Stick Recover zq
0x6A 106 Hitmonlee Smoke Ball Harden zr
0x6B 107 Hitmonchan NeverMeltIce Minimize zs
0x6C 108 Lickitung Magnet Smokescreen zt
0x6D 109 Koffing MiracleBerry Confuse Ray zu
0x6E 110 Weezing Pearl Withdraw zv
0x6F 111 Rhyhorn Big Pearl Defense Curl zw
0x70 112 Rhydon Everstone Barrier zx
0x71 113 Chansey Spell Tag Light Screen zy
0x72 114 Tangela RageCandyBar Haze zz
0x73 115 Kangaskhan GS Ball* Reflect ?N
0x74 116 Horsea Blue Card* Focus Energy ?O
0x75 117 Seadra Miracle Seed Bide ?P
0x76 118 Goldeen Thick Club Metronome ?Q
0x77 119 Seaking Focus Band Mirror Move ?R
0x78 120 Staryu Teru-sama Self-Destruct ?S
0x79 121 Starmie EnergyPowder Egg Bomb ?T
0x7A 122 Mr. Mime Energy Root Lick ?U
0x7B 123 Scyther Heal Powder Smog ?V
0x7C 124 Jynx Revival Herb Sludge ?W
0x7D 125 Electabuzz Hard Stone Bone Club ?X
0x7E 126 Magmar Lucky Egg Fire Blast ?Y
0x7F 127 Pinsir Card Key Waterfall ?Z
0x80 128 Tauros Machine Part Clamp ?(
0x81 129 Magikarp Egg Ticket* Swift ?)
0x82 130 Gyarados Lost Item Skull Bash ?:
0x83 131 Lapras Stardust Spike Cannon ?;
0x84 132 Ditto Star Piece Constrict ?[
0x85 133 Eevee Basement Key Amnesia ?]
0x86 134 Vaporeon Pass Kinesis ?a
0x87 135 Jolteon Teru-sama Soft-Boiled ?b
0x88 136 Flareon Teru-sama High Jump Kick ?c
0x89 137 Porygon Teru-sama Glare ?d
0x8A 138 Omanyte Charcoal Dream Eater ?e
0x8B 139 Omastar Berry Juice Poison Gas ?f
0x8C 140 Kabuto Scope Lens Barrage ?g
0x8D 141 Kabutops Teru-sama Leech Life ?h
0x8E 142 Aerodactyl Teru-sama Lovely Kiss ?i
0x8F 143 Snorlax Metal Coat Sky Attack ?j
0x90 144 Articuno Dragon Fang Transform ?k
0x91 145 Zapdos Teru-sama Bubble ?l
0x92 146 Moltres Leftovers Dizzy Punch ?m
0x93 147 Dratini Teru-sama Spore ?n
0x94 148 Dragonair Teru-sama Flash ?o
0x95 149 Dragonite Teru-sama Psywave ?p
0x96 150 Mewtwo MysteryBerry Splash ?q
0x97 151 Mew Dragon Scale Acid Armor ?r
0x98 152 Chikorita Berserk Gene Crabhammer ?s
0x99 153 Bayleef Teru-sama Explosion ?t
0x9A 154 Meganium Teru-sama Fury Swipes ?u
0x9B 155 Cyndaquil Teru-sama Bonemerang ?v
0x9C 156 Quilava Sacred Ash Rest ?w
0x9D 157 Typhlosion Heavy Ball Rock Slide ?x
0x9E 158 Totodile Flower Mail Hyper Fang ?y
0x9F 159 Croconaw Level Ball Sharpen ?z
0xA0 160 Feraligatr Lure Ball Conversion 9b
0xA1 161 Sentret Fast Ball Tri Attack 9c
0xA2 162 Furret Teru-sama Super Fang 9d
0xA3 163 Hoothoot Light Ball Slash 9e
0xA4 164 Noctowl Friend Ball Substitute 9f
0xA5 165 Ledyba Moon Ball Struggle 9g
0xA6 166 Ledian Love Ball Sketch 9h
0xA7 167 Spinarak Normal Box Triple Kick 9i
0xA8 168 Ariados Gorgeous Box Thief 9j
0xA9 169 Crobat Sun Stone Spider Web 9k
0xAA 170 Chinchou Polkadot Bow Mind Reader 9l
0xAB 171 Lanturn Teru-sama Nightmare 9m
0xAC 172 Pichu Up-Grade Flame Wheel 9n
0xAD 173 Cleffa Berry Snore 9o
0xAE 174 Igglybuff Gold Berry Curse* 9p
0xAF 175 Togepi SquirtBottle Flail 9q
0xB0 176 Togetic Teru-sama Conversion 2 9r
0xB1 177 Natu Park Ball Aeroblast 9s
0xB2 178 Xatu Rainbow Wing Cotton Spore 9t
0xB3 179 Mareep Teru-sama Reversal 9u
0xB4 180 Flaafy Brick Piece Spite 9v
0xB5 181 Ampharos Surf Mail Powder Snow 9w
0xB6 182 Bellossom Litebluemail Protect 9x
0xB7 183 Marill Portraitmail Mach Punch 9y
0xB8 184 Azumarill Lovely Mail Scary Face 9z
0xB9 185 Sudowoodo Eon Mail Feint Attack 'r?
0xBA 186 Politoed Morph Mail Sweet Kiss* 's?
0xBB 187 Hoppip Bluesky Mail Belly Drum 't?
0xBC 188 Skiploom Music Mail Sludge Bomb 'v?
0xBD 189 Jumpluff Mirage Mail Mud-Slap 'v!
0xBE 190 Aipom Teru-sama Octazooka 'v.
0xBF 191 Sunkern TM01 Spikes 'v&
0xC0 192 Sunflora TM02 Zap Cannon 'vé
0xC1 193 Yanma TM03 Foresight 'm$
0xC2 194 Wooper TM04 Destiny Bond 'r$
0xC3 195 Quagsire TM04 Perish Song 's$
0xC4 196 Espeon TM05 Icy Wind 't$
0xC5 197 Umbreon TM06 Detect 'v$
0xC6 198 Murkrow TM07 Bone Rush 'd0
0xC7 199 Slowking TM08 Lock-On 'd1
0xC8 200 Misdreavus TM09 Outrage 'd2
0xC9 201 Unown TM10 Sandstorm 'd3
0xCA 202 Wobbuffet TM11 Giga Drain 'd4
0xCB 203 Girafarig TM12 Endure 'd5
0xCC 204 Pineco TM13 Charm* 'd6
0xCD 205 Forretress TM14 Rollout 'd7
0xCE 206 Dunsparce TM15 False Swipe 'd8
0xCF 207 Gligar TM16 Swagger 'd9
0xD0 208 Steelix TM17 Milk Drink 'l9
0xD1 209 Snubbull TM18 Spark 'm9
0xD2 210 Granbull TM19 Fury Cutter 'r9
0xD3 211 Qwilfish TM20 Steel Wing 's9
0xD4 212 Scizor TM21 Mean Look 't9
0xD5 213 Shuckle TM22 Attract 'v9
0xD6 214 Heracross TM23 Sleep Talk !$
0xD7 215 Sneasel TM24 Heal Bell .$
0xD8 216 Teddiursa TM25 Return &$
0xD9 217 Ursaring TM26 Present é$
0xDA 218 Slugma TM27 Frustration !/
0xDB 219 Magcargo TM28 Safeguard ./
0xDC 220 Swinub TM28 Pain Split &/
0xDD 221 Piloswine TM29 Sacred Fire é/
0xDE 222 Corsola TM30 Magnitude .0
0xDF 223 Remoraid TM31 Dynamic Punch .1
0xE0 224 Octillery TM32 Megahorn .2
0xE1 225 Delibird TM33 Dragon Breath .3
0xE2 226 Mantine TM34 Baton Pass .4
0xE3 227 Skarmory TM35 Encore .5
0xE4 228 Houndour TM36 Pursuit .6
0xE5 229 Houndoom TM37 Rapid Spin .7
0xE6 230 Kingdra TM38 Sweet Scent .8
0xE7 231 Phanpy TM39 Iron Tail .9
0xE8 232 Donphan TM40 Metal Claw &9
0xE9 233 Porygon2 TM41 Vital Throw /0
0xEA 234 Stantler TM42 Morning Sun /1
0xEB 235 Smeargle TM43 Synthesis /2
0xEC 236 Tyrogue TM44 Moonlight* 00
0xED 237 Hitmontop TM45 Hidden Power 01
0xEE 238 Smoochum TM46 Cross Chop 02
0xEF 239 Elekid TM47 Twister 03
0xF0 240 Magby TM48 Rain Dance 04
0xF1 241 Miltank TM49 Sunny Day 05
0xF2 242 Blissey TM50 Crunch 06
0xF3 243 Raikou HM01 Mirror Coat 07
0xF4 244 Entei HM02 Psych Up 08
0xF5 245 Suicune HM03 Extreme Speed 09
0xF6 246 Larvitar HM04 Ancient Power 19
0xF7 247 Pupitar HM05 Shadow Ball 29
0xF8 248 Tyranitar HM06 Future Sight 39
0xF9 249 Lugia HM07 Rock Smash 49
0xFA 250 Ho-oh HM08 Whirlpool 59
0xFB 251 Celebi HM09 Beat Up 69
0xFC 252 ????? HM10 (freezes game) 79
0xFD 253 Egg HM11 (freezes game) 89
0xFE 254 ????? HM12 (freezes game) 99
0xFF 255 ????? (FF) (FF) (freezes game) _A


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  • 2 weeks later...
14 minutes ago, suloku said:

Great and simple information, I hope we get something like this for Crystal and we become able to enable the celebi event just using a real gen 2 cartridge.

sadly Coin Case glitch was fixed in Crystal :/
so this is literally English GS only. :(

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13 minutes ago, suloku said:

BTW, there's also a method that works on non-english versions and even VC releases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2tVVeZ7Th4

There's an ACE setup for crystal, but not as simple as coin case glitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqD68-2aAjg&t=64s

22 min one for non-english versions, oh boy.

Oh, I've seen the Crystal one with Bad clones before.
Getting a bad clone in itself isn't easy -.-

If it's any consolation, if we know the exact code of the bad clone,
we could always use this page's glitch to make a Pokemon resembling a bad clone, then trade it to Crystal.

(I used this GS ACE box 9 to change my Pokemon into FF, for usage of Johto Guard Trick)

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