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Issues with HGSS sav :D


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Correct me if I'm wrong,

During Diamond and Pearl,

The sav file is compatible with the counterpart

(Means you can save it in Diamond and play the same save on Pearl and Vice Versa)

EDIT: I tested out, my Diamond sav was playable by Pearl

But when I tried to do this (I saved in HeartGold, attempted to open in SoulSilver)

It didn't work D:

(The continue screen loaded, and even showed me my play status,

But when continued, it just hangs at a black screen,

And it isn't caused by the nintendo anti piracy thing, because no matter how I tried, it failed)

Does this issue only happens to me,

And what is the reason that it most likely happens?

(basically this will conclude whether is it the problem with sav compatibilities or is it my problem alone)

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I posted this on a GameFAQs thread:


Posted 9/13/2009 4:08:34 PM

message detail

Btw, Pokésav came out for HG/SS but it's in Japanese:


HOWEVER, I suggest not using it to change your save file because the program is specifically for the clean Japanese versions of the game and not for any of the patched versions of the game. The way to use it instead is to use the "Export ARDS Code" function and copy and paste the codes that it generates onto a Cheat Code Editor such as r4cce. Also, since the program is still only available in Japanese just use one of the English translated versions for Diamond, Pearl or Platinum to reference yourself. I have so far tested out max bag items and max money and exported the codes into my game and it works fine. Be aware that Pokesav requires that you press L+R in-game to activate the codes as well.

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