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Unused Trade Pokemon


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After a lot of hard work I put it here: the .pkm of the 3 unused trade pokemon in Pokemon Yellow (a Beedrill, a Mew and a Pidgeot),

next step I'd love to do is to get the debuggers pokemon but I don't think it'll be as easy as here.

If you're interested too let's cooperate ^^

Sources: https://tcrf.net/Pokémon_Yellow

151 - BART - 379F.pk1

015 - STINGER - 6A14.pk1

018 - MARTY - 9E63.pk1

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Will be funny add an NPC or simply a trigger in Red/Blue in the glitch city that use the unused trade of Butterfree for Beedrill for obtain ChikuChiku. But in Glitch city 'cause I don't want to add another NPC to my project... I did italian pokémon Green hacking italian Blue and I've restored MissingNo. glitch coast that in the italian was fixed. And maybe in a glitch city (maybe the glitch city that you open when you are called from the PA in the Route 20) will be funny find a glitched NPC or maybe a ball that ask you to trade the Butterfree. Maybe is possible if we know the coordinates of the route 20 where you go when you esc from the Safari Zone gate, add an NPC in the route 20 map and edit the coordinates with the hex editor for move it out of borders, cause when you are in the glitch city you are out of borders.

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I never thanked you for these. I'm trying to collect every in-game trade Pokemon in every gen at the lowest possible level. I was going to attempt to re-create them using data I found on a YT video. Thanks for saving me the trouble!

Gen 1 re-creation info.png

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