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Space Center Deoxys [3rd Gen Event]


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Hello everyone, lately I've been trying to get a legit Space Center Deoxys, but the pkm files I was able to find were either clearly hacked (event type not matching in LegalChecker for example), or, if it appeared legit, would not pass from black 2 onto the pokébank (because it would tell me that "some pokémon were problematic" blablabla...). The latter I tried to correct and modify to make it legal (mainly as far as trash bytes are concerned), but I couldn't help. But I read from the forum that some people have it.

So, would anyone be able to provide me with a proper .pkm file? Or even trade it? I'm collecting events, and this one is really a hard one to find. Thank you so much already :)

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I downloaded this off a website found by googling "Space Center Deoxys pkm," second result. It was a Gen IV file, used the time capsule tool to inject it to my White 2 sav. Made it through Pokemon Bank.

Thanks for your finding. On my side, the second result for such a search redirects me onto bulbapedia and Deoxys EX playing cards... Not quite the same thing huh? I'm gonna try your pkm file though and see if the pokébank accepts it as legit ;)

Also, Soniktts, your .gpk files do interest me. What would you like for a trade?

EDIT: RustInPeace the deoxys you found does not seem quite legit, just because it has "fateful encounter" checked, and in 3rd gen this did not exist. Or did I miss something?

EDIT2: Well, it works! Passed the bank :) actually I sent 3 of them over onto it. One of them had its original trash bytes, but with OT modified, ever since its conversion through pk2pk kept renaming it with a minor "c" in PokeGen (that is, "SPACE c" instead of "SPACE C"). The second had modified/generic trash bytes of my own (FFFF/.../FFFF strand in gen 5 format), and the last one remained as it was, unmodified. The lattest I'm going to delete now because of this "SPACE c" anomaly. Mark that this problem would not be in PokeSav, that was specific to PokeGen.

Thank you very much then RustInPeace:) I'm still looking for an original 3rd gen .gpk file though. Anyone?

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After doing some searching around, I found this: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?21568-Looking-For-3-Gen-sav-with-Aura-Mew

Looking at the SPACE C Deoxys on it, the fateful encounter box is not checked but it has that the met location is fateful encounter. I looked at the other events that are on there, and if the box was not checked then the location met would be fateful encounter. I compared the Jirachis on the save to some Jirachis that I know are 100% from the Colosseum disc and they checked out as well. So, I'm leaning toward the SPACE C Deoxys in that save as being good to go. However, a Birth Island Deoxys will have the location met as Birth Island and the fateful encounter box checked because it had to have a fateful encounter in some way in order for it to obey the player. The same goes for Mew as well, they were anti-cheating measures implemented by Nintendo. After using the Time Capsule tool to convert the 3rd gen pkm to 4th gen, the fateful encounter box is not checked for the SPACE C Deoxys, and I'm pretty sure that's correct, but only for that Deoxys. The Birth Island one would have the box checked after going through Pal Park.

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