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Why Datel got rid of custom cheats?


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I think it is a matter of business; here and now, every gamer using power-saves must rely on Datel if they want to do anything with their devices:

1. Datel can keep track of your actions, recording of every transaction you make.

2. It grants them access to a free repository game-saves: They can pick any game-save they want around the world, as long as people need to upload such files to apply the codes, which is pretty valuable for research and development.

3. It is cheaper and more profitable to produce and sell dongles with a "basic architecture" (chips, software, etc.) that "simply" link you to a remote service, instead of developing a standalone dongle.

4. They also have a chance to protect their "way of doing things", it is harder to copy their stuff because they "provide" a cloud based service.

Among other reasons that's it,

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