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I would have revived mods vs members, but it wouldn't be as fun since we'd just reset it all the time. They wouldn't get higher than 10 (mwahahaha).


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I wanna see a Pidgeotto :3
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십팔 (十八)

Sounds awfully similar to a vulgar word in my language, but it is also an agreed age of consent in certain Western nations.


Hey look one of my favourite pogeymanz!

That would be unfair with them mods, yes. Where's the goal btw? 100?

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二十四 <--- LOOK DEATH!

12 * 2

6 * 4

48 / 2

A multiple of key numbers 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12


Is backwards of Kobra, because Arboc wouldn't look quite right.

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The day the Knights Templar were captured and killed twofold becomes this number.

Excluding the jesters of the court, the number of cards in a deck cut in half becomes this number as well.

[hgsssprite]052[/hgsssprite] divided by [hgsssprite]002[/hgsssprite] equals [hgsssprite]026[/hgsssprite]

^ both (not the plant) are incidentally rivals

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This is the day my parents had their wedding. (二月 二十八日 千九百八十九年)

[hgsssprite]007[/hgsssprite] + [hgsssprite]007[/hgsssprite] + [hgsssprite]007[/hgsssprite] + [hgsssprite]007[/hgsssprite] = [hgsssprite]028[/hgsssprite]

The Squirtle Squad have a new leader. I love Slashie.

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At last a multiple of 10s!

[hgsssprite]010[/hgsssprite] + [hgsssprite]010[/hgsssprite] + [hgsssprite]010[/hgsssprite] = [hgsssprite]030[/hgsssprite]

A whole swarm of Caterpie will bring in a disgruntled Nidorina. Disgruntled Nidorina is looking for her missing baby. Please place a placeholder 0 (零) in front of your 29 (二十九) to make her appear.

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I was working on Sky Editor, trying to read Pokémon ID's. My test save had a Shellos, and my program reported it as this. Finally got it working.

(The way they determine the gender of a Pokémon is to add 600 to the ID if it's female. Had trouble with that.)

Oh, 39.

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