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research White 2 Hacking Info Dump

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This was going to be a longer thing about what's wrong with "hacking" here and with the Pokemon community in general. I'm not going to bother since it would all fall on deaf ears. I'll just copy and paste parts of the end bit from what I wrote:

So.. I'm done. The link at the bottom is to all of my stuff- databases, notes, the spreadsheet, programs, etc. The IDBs are also in text format(.s is plain text; don't use notepad though- they're too big). I'm sure more than a few people will want some of the lists and .bss sections from the different binaries in them- especially the script commands and such ... That said, I'm not exactly leaving completely. I will still be working on PokeGen occasionally and the development "library" for W2. A few of those headers are done. Expect something like the main boost lib where almost the entire thing is headers and it will come with instructions for building code and a list of what to install(DevkitARM and such).

(You're going to want IDA 6.1.110315 to view the IDB files. That's where the most useful stuff is. arm9-white2_decompressed_U.idb is the main one.)


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this was originally closed because i didn't want any commentary. a couple people suggested i open it because there's SO much in the archive that wasn't meant for anyone else to see and is.. not easy to understand. the main IDA database is the big one(viewable as plain text via the .s file), as it has 3500 of gamefreak's functions hand-labelled with explicit, functional names- most with arguments and return types included. it was.. a lot of work for 1 person. now i just want people to use it and make cool shit. that and the spreadsheet are what people will get the most use out of.

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this was updated with some new info:

spreadsheet - script environment, scrcmd, scrcmd global, adventure data block

idb - new script commands, the entire block 37 reader, a bunch of random functions, a bunch of dsi stuff, a few overlay binaries added

scrcmd.txt - added lookup for callstd library, added lookup for registered script plugins, added script commands

batch files - decompress.bat is updated to decompress many files at a time



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Thank you for update bond ^^, you was doing a great stuff and is help me a lot. I have plan to start create a simple tools is using my cooking library (dll file is universall to use on all tool i made so i no need rebuild it repeatly) when i get time with VS or other IDE tools :3 , or i will poke on other old games.

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