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resource B2W2 Scripting Thread

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Oh right, I forgot; for forme encounters you have to use the special 0x297 command which the Haxorus uses. One of the parameters for it is 'forme', or it might be for gender restrictions (idk)

97 02 87 02 32 00 01 00 0B 02

97 02 - special wild encounter

87 02 - species:keldeo

32 00 - level 50

01 00 - forme 1 (not 0) for resolute

0B 02 - shiny and no 'wild' appear; the 02 is for the grass pad (can put to 0)

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Hi, I am trying to do my own hack of Pokemon Black 2, I'm new with hacking and I need help, I dont understand some things.

I want to know how to add NPC and speak with him/her

I dont understand this lesson in this thread "NPC Manipulation (Add / Remove / MOVE)" :frown: I dont know where to put these codes, in "script" or "overworld" ??? Could u explain this step by step which program to use, where to put codes etc?

I only know how to add NPC to overworld. I added NPC using NPCE tool to [Overworld 168] its probably Hugh's House in Aspertia City.

Next I want to talk with that NPC. I used HxD editor and load script [854]


I know the basic code is

2E 00 				-- LockAll
A6 00 47 05 			-- PlaySound Clink
74 00 				-- FacePlayer
3D 00 00 04 0A 00 00 00 00 00 	-- Message2, current text file, text line 0xA, default settings
32 00 				-- WaitKeypress
3F 00 				-- CloseMessage2
30 00 				-- WaitDelay
2F 00 				-- UnlockAll
02 00 				-- End

And now I dont understand where exactly put these codes. And I also want to know, for example when I put these codes how it recognizes these codes are for NPC I added? There is something like ID of NPC's, right? So what to do with it? I tried a lot of combinations but I couldnt do it as I wanted :C It's too much for me to understand it.

Can somebody explain me these things step by step?

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I have another question.

I analized your raw script for "Script Event" this tutorial "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tBDVstp1hM#t=38" and I was trying to understand these codes:

6D 00 0A 00 74 00 01 00 A8 02 00 00	Move Kyogre to spot
6D 00 0B 00 76 00 01 00 A8 02 00 00	Move PlasmaM to spot
6D 00 0C 00 78 00 01 00 A8 02 00 00	Move PlasmaF to spot
6D 00 0D 00 7A 00 01 00 A8 02 00 00	Move Groudon to spot

When I put these all raw codes for this event it will be good till this point when Kyogre, Groudon and Team Plasma should appear.

Could u explain me these codes above? There is X, Y which should I change to Groudon, Kyogre etc will appear???

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I sometimes find ''movement'' types that have a more complicated jump. For example:

64 00 01 00 7F FB FF FF

64 00 02 00 77 FB FF FF

64 00 03 00 6F FB FF FF

65 00

It would be great if someone could explain these jumps (i.e., what does a jump of 7F FB FF FF mean for example?)

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Another question on this, then...

Somehow, if I add code to a certain script, the Call Routine (04 00) breaks. However, I correctly updated the call routine's jump. When I check the call routine, it only involves movements that are correctly specified and a return statement (05 00). So nothing seems to be broken inside the call routine. Does somebody know what could be causing this?

More detailed, it happens when I talk to Cilan @ Striaton Gym before his battle. I think the Call Routine is about him facing me. Afterwards, it does the ''MovementOnSpot''. If I leave out the Call Routine, Cilan still does the MovementOnSpot but he will never face the hero. Also, after battle, the Player suddenly appears in front of Cilan (even if I talked to him from another side).

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Hi Guys

Has anyone had any luck with being able to add in the following:

1. Weather conditions on a certain route after a Flag has been set

My scenario is to make Thundurus and Tornadus appear at certain times infront of the house on Route 7, after speaking to the elders inside.
Speaking to the elder woman will SetFlag for the two Genies to appear on that route following their Pokedex entries being revealed

I can make both Genies appear where I want them too no problem in this scenario, however I would like to set the respective weather on that Route to occur when they are spwaning, like in the original BW (Where the weather changes on the route they are roaming)


2. Making an NPC appear at a certain time

Linking back to the above, I would like to set it so Tornadus would appear only in the morning and Thundurus only in the evening

Is there a way to set this in the script file for 674?

I am just a bit unsure on the commands required despite doing a bit of researching and some trail & error

Hope someone can help:)

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