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can i get basic help 4 my team?

Staraptor: Close Combat, Fly (i need this), Aerial Ace, Ominous Wind.

Venusaur: Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Rock Climb, Energy Ball.

Blaziken: Flamethrower, Sky Uppercut, Rock Slide, Aerial Ace.

Empoleon: Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, Waterfall, Drill Peck.

Dragonite: Surf, Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, Aerial Ace.

Snorlax: Psychic, Strength, Crunch, Brick Break.

Any recommendations welcome.

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For in-game, I guess it's fine. For competitive battling, unfortunately your team won't last very long.

I'd rather you put EVs and nature in everything. If you don't know what Effort Values are, consult this guide. If you ever enter the world of competitive battling, I'd go with these movesets:


Staraptor@Choice Band

6 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed

Jolly nature

- Brave Bird

- U-turn

- Close Combat

- Quick Attack/Return

Choice Band locks you into one move, but it makes Staraptor a LOT stronger. Very helpful too... and if you like scouting for moves, U-turn is ideal for it damages the foe and you are able to send in one of your other Pokemon. Try to lay off Brave Bird as much as possible, but it's there if you need to attack with a flying move. Close Combat is what separates it from the other Normal/Flying birds out there. Quick Attack vs Return is more of what you want, more power or the priority to finish off a weakened opponent. Whatever works for you is there. Return is only helpful though, if Staraptor is happy with you :D You can try Pursuit (which is a hereditary move) if you want to catch a fleeing Pokemon by surprise.


Venusaur@Black Sludge/Leftovers (both do the same thing for Poison pokes)

252 HP/6 Def/252 SpDef

Calm Nature

- Leech Seed

- Sleep Powder

- Grass Knot

- Sludge Bomb

Venusaur's your special wall, I guess. Basically you can sleep threats and then use Leech Seed on NON-Grass Pokes and start attacking stuff with either STAB Grass Knot or Sludge Bomb. Grass Knot hits heavy Pokemon like Tyranitar and Swampert ESPECIALLY hard, while Sludge Bomb is mainly your secondary attack.


Blaziken@Life Orb

140 Atk/252 SpA /116 Spe

Mild Nature

- Agility

- Baton Pass

- Fire Blast

- Superpower/Sky Uppercut

With these EVs, assuming same IVs with the opponent, after one Agility, Blaziken will outpace a + 1 neutral base 100 speeders, which is pretty good. If you feel like one of your teammate needs a hand, you can Baton Pass Agility to them so that they can get the extra speed. Fire Blast is there for STAB while Superpower is your secondary STAB against stuff like Tyranitar or Blissey. However, Superpower reduces your attack and defense after using, and Baton Passing those are NOT smart, so Sky Uppercut is a decent alternative. However, Infernape is usually the better Fire/Fighting Pokemon you can use. I hate it though... :P

BTW to get Baton Pass breed a female Blaziken with a male Eevee with Baton Pass or a male Girafarig or a male Lopunny (O_O)


Empoleon@Petaya Berry (see if you can find this, if not, use Expert Belt or Life Orb instead)

24 HP/252 SpA/232 Spe

Modest Nature

- Agility

- Surf

- Ice Beam

- Grass Knot

This penguin's meant to attack with SPECIAL moves. To get Agility, you have to breed with a Floatzel or something. A female Empoleon + male Floatzel with Agility gives you a baby Piplup with Agility. Anyways, here's the deal. Empoleon is quite slow, so he uses Agility to fix up that problem. Then he proceeds to attack and sweep with Surf or Ice Beam or Grass Knot. Don't bother with Flash Cannon, while it gets STAB, its coverage is poor. Once Empoleon is in lower health, Torrent Activates, making Surf immensively powerful. 232 Speed EVs help outspeed Timid Choice Scarf Heatran :)


Dragonite@Life Orb

224 HP/88 Atk/196 Spd

Adamant Nature

- Dragon Dance

- Roost

- Dragon Claw

- Earthquake

Why bother trying to make a Jolly Dragonite when Salamence can do that better? Just give him the bulk he needs. With these EVs, his speed sits at 245 (assuming 31 IVs) so the idea is, bring Dragonite into something that doesn't like it much, start setting up with Dragon Dance, then start attacking with Life Orb boosted STAB Dragon Claws. When your health gets low, start Roosting. Against Steels that resist it, use Earthquake. However, this thing doesn't like Bronzong or Skarmory, so have someone else deal with them.



168 HP/120 Def/220 SpD

Careful Nature

- Body Slam

- Curse

- Rest

- Crunch

Special attacking Snorlax = NOOOO! Never teach a Snorlax Psychic, ever. So the idea with this guy is, start Cursing, and then start attacking with STAB Body Slam, because they HURT. Any Ghosts that come by will have to eat Crunch. Unfortunately, this Pokemon hates Steel Pokemon, so if you want, you can use Fire Punch instead of Crunch. But if you go that way, Tyranitar can annoy you. Use Earthquake if Tyranitar becomes a problem, but Skarmory and Gengar will become a problem then. Do whatever you see fit.

Anyhow... I only fixed the moveset for your team. As for its coverage and all... I'm not so sure. Stuff like Metagross can be a nuisance to your team. Good luck on your team :o

BTW if you really want HM slaves, use these two Pokemon:



- Fly

- Cut

- Defog

- Rock Smash



- Surf

- Waterfall

- Strength

- Rock Climb

That's all you need. I'd wait until those professional raters like Enkidu or randomspot to come in and tell you what's exactly wrong with your team though such as team synergy and whatnot :o

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What's this team for? Wraith89's right..there really isn't much to rate. I do believe a format was posted in the rate my team stickies. Plus you may want to consult the guide that was linked to by wraith89. If there is anyone to ask its wraith89 or the people listed at the end of wraith89's post...I'm sure it would draw more attention by these people if you gave them something to rate. Plus make sure to add images to it like wraith89 it makes things more colorful and enjoyable to read...that's my suggestion not on the team but your format.


Gasp wraith89 was here...its a clue! *leaves tracking the ghostly trail*

Join the ghost busters social group to bust wraith89!

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First off, your team has a poor synergy atm, I agree with some of the suggestions concerning spreads and moves that wraith made, you should give snorlax a shot, and if you insist on playing dd-Nite, the spread wraith gave you is the best.

But why would you use dd-nite if mence does a better job in this?

The only reason why Nite could be better is superpower which hurts blissey more than Brick break from Mence. Thus I suggest you use a mixed Nite 112 Atk / 200 SpA / 196 Spe, moves are superpower, draco metoer, flamethrower roost, rash nature, item life orb.

it will weaken bliss in order to allow empoleon to sweep it late game.

Blaziken is a poor choice in this team, none of your sweeping members needs the boost since they all can set up theirselves.

I suggets you use a scarfed latias instead to help your ddmence and infernape weakness. Use the following spread and moves 252speed/252special attack, surf, thunderbolt, dragon pulse, trick/hp fire if you chose hp fire to ko scizors switching in to pursuit you, you might want to chose a modest nature, since you will be slower than all timid scarfs anyway(hp fire requires that you lower your speed ivs down to 30).

As for the lead, I suggest you go with a standard lead like metagross252 HP / 236 Atk / 12 Def / 8 Spe , stealth rocks, meteor mash, bullet punch eq/explosionitem occa berry. Trust me, you better use standard if your not that experienced.

Venusaur isnt a bad pokemon, but celebi outclasses it in all manners...

Anyway I see you will have big trouble with adamant sd lucario since you chose nite over mence which has not intimidate..

So you will need a good fighting and lucario check.

you could try an offensive celebi that outspeeds lucario.

Most Lucarios run Crunch which means if you dont outspeed they will ohko celebi after one sd.

I was thinking of a cm passing celebi 252 HP / 80 Def / 176 Spe timid nature, CM, baton pass, psychic, recover

Psychic will hurt lucario and with lo recoil it will go down very fast. Furthermore if you manage to pass one or two cms to either empoleon or Snorlax they will threatening as hell. Even Bliss will fear a +2 empoleon when Torrent and the petaya activate.

Good luck

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hey, wraith89, u said not to teach snorlax psychic, but what about zen headbutt? im asking cuz i like to teach pokemon moves that are strong against types that are weak against them.

Well... in theory you could, but its kind of pointless. The main types of pokemon you'd be using Zen Headbutt against (Poison, Fighting) all have generally weaker defenses anyway (with the exception of Weezing). Nearly all of them would take massive damage from STAB Body Slam or Return anyway, and with a curse, it would probably take them down. Also, with a curse or two, Snorlax would have so much defense that they wouldn't be able to touch him with those physical moves, and his special defense is too high to use special moves either, so neither of those types actually pose much threat to you.

On the other hand, using Zen Headbutt over Crunch is not worthwhile, because Ghosts are hit super effective by it and they are immune to Body Slam, his main attack, while Zen Headbutt doesn't have any really useful super effectives.

As such, its not worth it.

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