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International Gameboy Advance Pokémon Trades


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Hey there everyone,

Some of you might be new in to this, but there is a way how we can trade in GBA Pokemon Games over the Internet. It requires the use of R4 or DSTT or some other Flash Cards for DS that are able to play ROMs. You also need to have the GBA Backup Tool.

The GBA Backup Tool is a HomeBrew ROM that can make ROMs of your REAL GBA Games that are in Slot 2 of your DS. So, yea, you need a DS for this as DSi doesn't support GBA games. It doesn't even have Slot 2 like a DS/Lite.

With that same GBA Backup Tool you can get the SAV file of your GBA games. We can play our SAV file in a ROM such as Visualboy Advance, do a trade or cheat or just play, and then save the game and put it back in your real cartridge, cool aye?

What we could do:

What we could do is get a copy of the SAV file and trade with each other. If you want the other person to only have a specific Pokémon, you could just release the other Pokémon from the SAV file and catch some random Pokémon and let some Poké Balls in the game so the other person can catch and trade with himself and have your Pokémon in his real game.

All he/she needs to do is first, make a backup of his own SAV file incase he deletes his original one from computer or if you delete yours by mistake in the real cartridge.

This really works because I've traded this way with a friend in Australia and I'm not even there. All I did was place his SAV file he e-mailed me, in my real cartridge of Sapphire, I used my Emerald and the real SAV file of my Emerald and did the trade. I gave him the Pokémon he wanted and he gave me the Pokémon I wanted. I e-mailed him the SAV file back and he placed the SAV file in his Ruby. Yes, RUBY and SAPPHIRE can load same SAV file, but Emerald can't load Ru/Sa SAV files. I even mixed records with him and now I got his secret base in my Emerald and Sapphire.

Leave comments on what you think of this.


Shortly, what you need are:

-GBA Pokemon game(s)

-a DS

-R4/TTDS or DSTT(same thing)

-GBA Backup Tool (homebrew ROM)

-a friend with a Pokémon you want or he wants.

Let me know what you think. This way you might have an Event Pokémon in your GBA games and even in your Colosseum or xD games.

I'm looking for someone that has a DSTT or R4 or something like R4, and has an Ageto Celebi. An Ageto Celebi is a Celebi from the Japanese Colosseum Bonus Disc that came at Level 10. Ageto is for Agate Town in Colosseum/XD.


What I'm offering in return are

Gotten in GBA trades, real trades:

-Level 10 Aura MEW

-Level 10 MYSTRY MEW


And from my Colosseum Bonus Disc:


Yes, I offer all those, not just one of them. You can have them for your GBA Pokémon Games. If you think it wisely and decide to do the trade, you will only win, because, those Pokémon are too common for the DS Pokémon Games Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

This is your chance of getting those Pokémon but for your GBA Pokémon games and you can now sure finish your PokéDex in your GBA Pokémon games.

Once again, let me know what you think, and if you have that Celebi I mentioned.

Thank you very much for your attention, I remain.

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It's actually friggin' easy O_O!

Okay, just put the GBA back up thing along with the .ini into the microSD Card (pretty sure you already know)

Open it like any other game, it should say select a ROM or something. Press A, and then press X, it should set onto your GBA game. Press B, it'll ask to make a .sav, press A, and voila~ You have your .sav~

Now, I just need to know how to re-insert it x.x

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Hi, sorry that I took long to reply, I wasn't around. Well, it's very simple.

You can change menuscreens by pressing should R and L. There are two screens you can see by pressing R twice when you first start the GBA Backup Tool, let me explain it:

When you first load the GBA Backup Tool, the first screen you see says:

Please set a target cart to Slot-2.

That means, insert a GBA cart in slot 2. Press A for OK so the tool can read your GBA cart. It shall take a few seconds.

In the TOP screen you can see in a little blue box:

Slot-1 Card [name of your flashcard here]

Save File Size: Auto [could be different for you but ok]

Rom Backup Size: Auto [could be different for you but ok]

It shall show you a set of sav files under the blue box if you have sav files in the folder named "GBA_Backup" in your MicroSD Card. If it's empty, then in the grey part you won't see any file and that's totally OK.


In the BOTTOM screen you will read:

GBA Backup Tool

<ROM Information>

Game title [title is like in abreviation]

ROM Size: could be like 16MB, 32MB, 8MB, 4MB [depends of the game you have in slot 2]

SAVE Type: FLASH 1M(128KByte) <--- so far I know, the GBA Pokemon games are that.

You will see a little blue box saying: [ Save Backup ]

That's what you need to look at before taking any actions, so you know what you're doing. Shortly, this is the first menuscreen for you.

You can read below it:

(A) Specified SAV file is updated. (if you press A on the selected SAV file on your MiscroSD Card if you have any SAV file in the GBA_Backup folder, you can update the existing SAV file then on your MicroSD.)

(B) New SAV File create. (this is what you start with, this means you create a copy of your SAV file and place it automatically in the GBA_Backup folder, this does not mean to delete your current SAV file on the GBA Cart and make new one. Each time you press this and accept, it will make multiple copies, file ending in the number you have of the SAV file.)

(X) Change ROM. (press X, it will prompt you to take out the current cartridge and insert a different one so you can make a copy of the SAV file, press A after to let the Tool load the new cartridge's data.)

® Change Command Mode. (By pressing shoulder R, you go to a different menu screen which is from SAVE Backup to SAVE Restore.

So, if you press R once, you go to [save Restore]:

In this menu screen you can select a copy of a SAV file from your MicroSD Card's GBA_Backup folder and place it back in your GBA Cartridge. This is a restore. You would do this if you modified your SAV file in computer or in another GBA Cartridge, for example, if you have 2 of the same GBA Cartridges like, two Pokemon Emerald.

So, let's go on the options, they are:

(A) Restore data in Card from SAV file. (this means, you are going to place a SAV file from your MicroSD Card in to your GBA Cartridge in Slot-2. It will overwrite the existing SAV file in your GBA Cartridge and you can't get it back. So, before using this feature, make sure to get a copy first of your existing SAV file. Never place a different SAV file like from a different game on another game. You can place FireRed on LeafGreen and visa versa, or Ruby on Sapphire and visa versa. Do not place Ru in Emerald or Sapphire on Emerald or visa versa because your game will crash.

(B) SAVE area of ROM is initialized. (this means, delete existing SAV file on your GBA Cartridge. Be careful with this because you will loose your SAV file forever.)

(X) Change ROM (to switch GBA Cartridge and load data of a different cartridge)

(L)/® Chaneg Command Mode. (By pressing L you go back to the SAVE Restore feature. By pressing R you go to ROM Backup)

So, now we are in the menuscreen of: [ROM Backup]

Here we can extract a copy of our GBA Cartridge's ROM. We can then play the ROM on an emulator. You might want to also copy the SAV file in order to continue your game on a computer using an emulator like Visualboy Advance. So, the options here are:

(A) Specified GBA File is updated. (in case you already placed a copy of your GBA ROM in the GBA_Backiup folder, you can see the titles in the TOP screen and overwrite the existing copy with a new one from your original GBA Cartridge. You cannot insert/overwrite/modify existing ROM on your real/original GBA Cartridge.

(B) New GBA file create. (Here you extract your GBA Cartridge's ROM and place a copy on your MicroSD Card in the GBA_Backup folder.)

(X) Change ROM. (You can switch GBA Cartridge here with another one you want to extract the ROM of.

(L) Change Command Mode. (Brings you back to the SAVE Restore menuscreen)


What you must know:

-Always make a backup first of your SAV file atleast more than one time.

-You cannot insert a new ROM or modified ROM in your real GBA Cartridge.

-You can only insert a new/modified/same SAV file on your real GBA Cartridge.


Why you would want to use the GBA Backup Tool:

-So you can play multiple SAV files on one game, but you must backup the SAV file again and restore the other one, and so on each time you want to play a different one.

-You could do international trades by sharing SAV files and then restore the SAV file back in your REAL GBA Cartridge.


What you must set in VisualBoy Advance before saving/overwriting existing SAV file you extracted from your REAL GBA Cartridge.

-You must set the SAVE type to Automatic and Flash 128K:

Click on Options, Emulator, Save Type: Flash 128K.

Why? This way you ensure that your SAV file is kept in 128K, by default, VBA saves the games in Flash 64K which will cause no readable data if you restore that in your real GBA Cartridge.

-For Colosseum Bonus Disc: Get infinite Jirachi on your same saved game, but first, get one Jirachi, trade it to another GBA Pokemon game, then reload your SAV file which was saved before you got Jirachi, restore that save file in your GBA and get another Jirachi. As you might know, Jirachi Bonus Disc does not count how many Jirachi you have obtained and means you can get a lot of them and could try getting one with good nature and stats. I did so and got myself an awesome Modest Jirachi with 30 Sp.Atk.

VBA = Visualboy Advance.

Please, make sure to read this very well, and note.

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Hi, there is no way how to overwrite the existing ROM in a GBA or DS cartridge. The reason is that the game is written on a chip that is a ROM. As you probably know, ROM stands for: Read Only Memory. Once data is written on such chip, nothing can erase it or overwrite the existing data on it.

To HottSushiz:

Maybe you got me wrong. When I mentioned Slot-2, I didn't mean a flashcard for GBA. I only meant the slot where you insert a GBA cartridge =]. With GBA Backup Tool, you only need a DS/Lite and a flashcard like DSTT or R4 and put the Tool on it and load it. Read the guide and stuff I wrote about it.

---------- Post added at 06:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:26 PM ----------

If you read the Guide I wrote, you can't destroy your game. Actually, you can't destroy the ROM, you could delete your SAV file by mistake if you don't read the Guide I wrote.

So, no one with a SAV file with an Ageto Celebi on it?

What I'm offering in return are:

Gotten in GBA trades, real trades:

-Level 10 Aura MEW

-Level 10 MYSTRY MEW


And from my Colosseum Bonus Disc:


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  • 8 months later...

I'm looking for good people who have GBA save with as many LEGIT UNTOUCHED events as possible and will send me .sav file via e-mail or whatever you want. Also I want to ask about something I don;t need right now and I will probably not so quick but I just want to know If someone still have Eon TIcket on R/S for mixing and bonus discs. I'm thinking about something like: I will send my .sav file and then this person will download event Pokemon from Bonus disc into my game and mix Eon Ticket with my game you know...

BTW, It is possible to send Eon Ticket from R/S to another R/S? or this works only with R/S to Emerald?

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Hey there. Thank you for checking this section I made. Well, I do have my EON Ticket as e-Reader and scanned it, it's on my computer as a SAV file now for e-Readers. If you give me your SAV file for Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald, I could mix records with you if you only have Emerald so you too can get to Southern Island to get the other Lati's. If you have Ruby/Sapphire, I could use the EON Ticket e-Card for you. You can only mix records from Ruby to Sapphire, Ruby to Emerald, Sapphire to Ruby or Saphire to Emerald, so you share the EON Ticket with another game. Emerald cannot be used with the EON Ticket E-Card.

After we've mixed records, you too can mix records with other friends that have Ruby/Sappihre/Emerald, and they too can ge the EON Ticket then, and they too can mix records with other friends with Ru/Sa/Em. Emerald cannot be used to share the EON Ticket with other games. Only Ru/Sa can spread the EON Ticket.

I do have the US Colosseum Bonus Disc and I could get you Jirachi from that disc, but only if you have Ru/Sa.

Besides those, I also have the Ageto Celebi from the JP Bonus Disc, from my JP FR.

Do you use that SAV file on your real GBA game or emulator? Let me know. Upload your SAV file somewhere online, there are lotsa free hosts and send me the link to it in a private message so your SAV file stays private for only you and me. Also, make sure the SAV file is named correctly indicating from which game it is. Don't forget. Reply as soon as possible.

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I do have the US Colosseum Bonus Disc and I could get you Jirachi from that disc, but only if you have Ru/Sa.

Besides those, I also have the Ageto Celebi from the JP Bonus Disc, from my JP FR.

Do you use that SAV file on your real GBA game or emulator? Let me know. Upload your SAV file somewhere online, there are lotsa free hosts and send me the link to it in a private message so your SAV file stays private for only you and me. Also, make sure the SAV file is named correctly indicating from which game it is. Don't forget. Reply as soon as possible.

Wait - that means you now have Ageto Celebi?

Would you mind trading a clone of it for a 10 ANIV Celebi (Also cloned)?

Oh, and would you mind uploading Jirachi to my save file? (Ruby)

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