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idea Pokemon Better Black

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Ok so my whole idea behind this ROM hack is to basically up the difficulty level of Black and White. Here are the ways I am doing this.

-Increasing the level curve

-Adding in Stronger and more diverse wild pokemon

-Giving every gym leader six pokemon

-Modifying the stats of some pokemon (including things like type and ability)

-Modifying move data to make some moves more useful

-Editing Item locations

So far, I have edited the stats of every pokemon I wanted to edit, and I have changed the movepools of the starters and the monkeys and all their evolutions. I have also edited quite a few of the weaker moves. Here's just a sample of my work.

The tepig line are now all fire/ground, and of course learn some Ground type moves. Emboar and Pignite learn Close Combat in place of Roar as well, as even though they are now Ground types, I still feel like this move suits them.

While Snivy and Servine are unchanged, Serperior is now a Grass/Poison type. It learns a new-and-impreoved Poison Tail upon evolution, and it has a new ability. As you could guess, it now learns quite a few other poison type moves, some of them by leveling, some by using a Heart Scale.

Dewott and Samurrot are now part Dark type, because I feel that the Dark type suits a Samurai better than a fighting type. As most dark types do, they now have a few tricks up their sleeves, such as the Weak Armor ability, which, while making them more vulnerable, can increase their speed quite a bit.

Archen and Archeops have dropped their terrible Defeatist ability for Moody, which changes them from a pokemon that pretty much has to one hit kill everything or it's doomed, to a High-risk, High reward pokemon.

Many of the HMs have been edited to make them more useful, such as cut changing to Grass type with 70 Power. Strength has been changed to a fighting type move with 90 Power, and Waterfall is now on Par with Surf in base power. Of course, the move data changes are not only limited to the HMs, Rock Smash and Rock Climb are now Rock type moves, which could possibly give Pokemon like Scolipede and Scrafty a new option.

All of the elemental monkeys now have a fighting subtype, and of course learn a few new moves to reflect that.


Move editing 100% (unless I change my mind about something)

Pokemon Moveset editing around 50%, i still have to do the TM/HM compatability (unless a request is made that I decide to use)

Item location editing 0% (actually, if I could get some help on exactly how to do this that would be great)

Trainer editing up to about the end of Route 2

Wild Pokemon editing up to Route 3

Text editing (usually to go along with item location changes) 0%

Edit: Oh, and one last thing, I would prefer not to add any pokemon from previous generations. The only exception would be if it was impossible to make a gym leader have 6 pokemon without doing that.

EDIT 2: Come to think of it, since I have been doing this, Shouldn't it go in Progressive Edits?

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There is a method aragonbird applied to improve the game difficulty by changing the message of the shifting battle mode in-game to: X is about to send something. This alone makes the game even harder, without the need to be upgrading the levels on each pokemon (at least in my opinion) http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?14568-Pokemon-Pure-White-Pitch-Black give him credit for that if you´re gonna use this idea, which is pretty useful.

Taking Archeops defeatist ability its a bad call he´s already way good (it´ll be like taking away slaking ability or regigigas) and will be even more broken with moody, which its mostly a high rewarding ability, specially on pokemon´s who are already fast and strong or that have moderate defenses.

I don´t think Dark/water really suits samurott, i think water/normal suits him better in any case. The same goes for the monkeys rather make´em normal subtypes. Snivy its ok as a Grass/poison but that type its really already overflowed we already have victreebell, vileplume, amoonguss and venusaur. That´s why people rather make him a Grass/Dragon as for emboar ground/fire its ok but i rather make him a dark/fire which suits his color theme and makes him unique at the same time. A tip on changing type combinations is; first examine what suits the looks of that pokemon, then examine which type of moves does it learns the most & the character, and then based on that you can get the right subtype for it. But oh well those are just my opinions.

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Well I actually thought Emboar was going to be Fire/Ground since its first form was revealed. I was extremely dissapointed when I found out it was fire/fighting.

As for Water/Dark Samurott, I chose that because Samurai is part of the name, and usually, they are more sneaky rather than aggresive, which I felt suited the dark type more.

I chose not to go with a Grass/Dragon Serperior because I figured the concept was overused and Grass/Poison did suit him. Besides, I only added two non-unovan pokemon, and Amoongus isn't going to be as good as Serperior as a grass poison type (although I did give his stats a small boost).

As for the monkeys when I looked at Simisage I thought it looked a lot like a fighting type, plus all the monkeys have quite aggresive movesets and learn lots of fighting type moves through TM and Egg. I felt if I was going to make Simisage a fighting type, I felt like it's prevo should be too, and since they're a trio, it just felt right for all of them to be.

I suppose I might change Archeop's ability back, I didn't particularly want it to have defeatist, but I don't know what else would suit it.

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I think you've confused samurai with ninja's. Ninja's are the sneaky ones, samurai mostly follow an honor code which suit with the Fighting-type.

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Oh ok. Well I've recently run into a problem anyway, where I tried to use Twisted Fatal's Move Editing tool, and there was a change I wanted to make that for whatever reason was not working, so I just deleted it and started fresh. Plus, the old Demo is about to go down anyway due to my free Rapidshare account running out (didn't know it would do that).

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