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Guess that trainer!

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if i say it's

*****(if i tell this it's just to easy)

you can just google it and it will be in the first hit

or if you want to find it an other way don't search for fight but

****** (synonym)

and it should be on the first page

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ill go

-in my opinion has a good strategy on how to train pokemon

-has many strong pokemon

-ash says hes training style iscruel but he does the same thing

I hate to say it but paul?

My turn!

He is an Aura Guardian (from anime)

He fights team galactic

He wears blue


Sir Aaron didn't fight team galactic..sir aaron was an aura guardian but never came in contact with team galactic. He died hundreds of years before team galactic after saving an entire kingdom...

I dont believe there has been a single ACTUAL aura guardian to come up against team galactic. If riley is the answer lets note that riley isn't an actual aura guardian he is training to be one with lucario but I doubt has been officially recognized. He may be able to manipulate the aura but it doesn't deem him an aura guardian.

Riley is the answer right?

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Flint of the E4

yea (dam)

---------- Post added at 04:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:02 PM ----------

i got one that you guys will almost not know.]

- probably the best hairstyle in any pokemon game (or weirdest depending on your thoughts)

- admin

- wanderer

sorry for double post, i dunno how to double quote

is it saturn (team galactic) or Charon?

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