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  1. Just got that celebi, list complete! hoping more legendary pokemon get added soon! until then, completing a second set!
  2. Yes, my Shiny Steelix was shiny when it walked with me. I just need to get the celebi and i have all the pokemon on your list!
  3. so, is there going to be a change in Shiny of the week? it is monday after all.
  4. no, the pokeshift allows the transfer of pokemon from HG/SS/Pt/P/D to B/W, but they cannot be sent from B/W to HG/SS/Pt/P/D.
  5. kk, i have them in their own box, and i don't care what i get for them, just make certain it is nothing that he wants to keep. isins, you should add Kyurem to the mix as well.
  6. i use that site once in a while, they are legit, unless you edit them not to be. and there isn't a way to trade from B/W to HG/SS. sorry.
  7. ok, i will hold them for you, just pm me whenever you do get a black or white.
  8. oh that is my Black version, do you have black or white?
  9. it will have to wait for till tomorrow, but my FC is 3009 7414 5657, i will be on tomorrow around 12-3 pm, Mountain time. *Edit* just got another shiny Charizard too, i will give you that.
  10. i could give you one of mine, i just keep entering and exiting the GTS to get more pkmn. ISins, i just wanted to point out that on your original post, you mixed up Terrakion's and Virizion's names.
  11. they already told me that Ieges, it is a 6% chance of getting the shiny of the day/week, even though i got 3 shiny Rayquaza and a shiny Charizard.
  12. how rare is it to get the shiny of the day/week? also, how did you make it give out random pokemon? i keep getting entei on my HG and i was wondering if it is based of time, or if it really is random. *edit* just got a raikou, i think i see how your system works now. also I GOT SHINY RAYQUAZA IN BLACK!
  13. Ok shiny Gible please, getting my team ready! .pkm save is fine
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