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Guess that trainer!

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Ok so this thread is quite like the "Guess that pokemon" thread. You describe a trainer and then others have to guess it. The person who firsts guesses correctly the trainer or person then they get to describe the next person. I'll start.

-He has a pikachu

-He is in a legend about spiritomb

-He was seen in a pokemon episode

-The legend about spiritomb took place 500 years ago

-using his pikachu he imprisoned spiritomb in the odd keystone

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Nice catch wraith89...ok...

-She has a togepi

-She was in mewtwo strikes back

-She also has a psyduck

-She is a gym leader in firered

-She also has a starmie/the other starmie one???

-She is a tomboy

??That enough clues?? ??To many clues??

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