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The ''Guess That Pokemon Game''!


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This pogeymon had only 1 evolution in Gen lll. In Gen IV it was now able to evolve into a different pogeyman with a "thing." Though the evolutions are both different, they have the same Base Stat Total. O.o

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XLR8! lol jk, of course its Garchomp.
It is Garchomp :D
It is garchomp....O_o

Some people's sarcasm detector is broken. :tongue:

Maybe "thing" is an item required for the "pogeymon" to evolve, i guess the only Pokemon that comes to mind is Magmar, oh wait it has a pre-evolution Magby, hmmmm?:confused:

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Cool. I never thought of Lileep as a pitcher plant... more like an anemone or something.

Here's a puzzle.

This Pokemon completes the Murkrow-Meowth-_____ trio, sharing the same habits as them. It definitely doesn't look anything like them, though.

What Pokemon is it?

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