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GS awesome second time around?

L Lawliet

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The reason it was so successful was due to all the new innovations it introduced

The following is taken from IGN



The colors, Duke, the colors! Yeah yeah, big deal, right kids? But for those of us who played Pokemon when it only had two colors – olive green and puke – getting to see an actual yellow Pikachu was a big freaking deal. As simple as it was, the Game Boy Color made the world of Johto come alive. Luckily for late adopters (and my little brother) the games worked on the greyscale Game Boy too.

Clock and Calendar

Gold and Silver were the first games in the series to make use of the time and date to change gameplay. The game world was in real time, and the sun rose and set according to the time. Certain Pokemon were only obtainable at certain times of the day. In addition to making the game more realistic, Nintendo managed to ensure that kids would play Pokemon at all hours of the day. Sleep is for the weak. You'll never catch 'em all that way.


The mystery of where new Pokemon came from was finally answered in Gold and Silver. They need to be shoved into a room together and they like it when and old man watches. The details were always thankfully kept vague, since the very idea of a Ditto being able to mate with any Pokemon because it can transform into a clone is disturbing. These days Breeding is one of the most important parts of developing the perfect team and it started with Gold and Silver. Fathers could pass down TM and other moves, giving egg Pokemon an advantage right out of the shell. This also gave us Pokemon eggs, and subsequently baby Pokemon. And while baby Pokemon are pretty much the worst thing ever (you heard me Togepi!) some people seem to like them. Pokemon director Junichi Masuda loves Pichu, so it's probably his fault.


PokeGear as a whole was pretty useful, but for me it was the cellphone that sealed the deal. Remember in Red and Blue when you needed money for all those Proteins and Irons, so you did multiple run throughs of the Elite Four with your team of Meowths that all knew Pay Day? What a pain in the Grass-type. But then the cellphone comes along and opens up the option to rebattle trainers who actually leveled up their Pokemon since the last time. Nowadays this feature is still used and greatly expanded on, but when it first appeared it was pretty slick.

Special Balls

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum has a hojillion different Poke Balls to be used in any sort of situation, essentially turning the game into an even more complicated form of digital fishing. Back in my day we only had three types of balls, and a master ball. We didn't care what turn it was, whether we were in a cave, or whether or not we had caught this Pokemon before. A ball was a ball. Then Gold/Silver came along and added in the Lure Ball and Friend Ball. In addition to setting in motion an ever growing arsenal of new balls, this system is also the precursor to Berries. Players had to collect Apricorns to fashion into the special Poke Balls.

Held Items

A simple helping of leftovers can change the outcome of a battle, and Gold/Silver was the first game to introduce the concept of Pokemon holding their own items. Mostly it was used to transfer items to other players, since item trading was not a feature, but there were battle and evolutionary benefits as well. It also added an extra benefit to the cloning glitch in the game, since Master Balls and Rare Candies could be held. So now with some patience and a few dozen hours you could have all the Master Balls you wanted.

Branching Evolution

Besides the Evees, Red/Blue offered a pretty linear approach to evolution. Gold/Silver took that and shook things up. Previous generation Pokemon now had new versions that they could evolve into, given the right circumstances.

Shiny Pokemon

As everyone knows, anyone who has a shiny Pokemon obviously cheated. Sure there's like a 1 in 8200 chance that one appears in the wild, but besides the Red Gyrados nobody ever seemed to have a legit one. Gold/Silver was the first game that inspired kids to use Gamesharks just to get Pokemon that were a slightly different color.


So before the whole Individual Values and Effort Value aspect came into play, the Pokerus just doubled the amount of experience that Pokemon received in battle. Am I the only one that is a little suspicious that a Pokemon related disease pops up immediately after we start letting these critters breed? Thankfully the Pokerus is a good kind of disease, like the Pokemumps.

Steel and Dark Types

Introduced as a way to balance out the elements, Steel and Dark opened up the game to have some more Pokemon that were cool and evil. Some of the coolest Steel and Dark types were introduced in Gold/Silver. Scizor, Steelix, Murkrow, Sneasel, Houndoom, Mukrow… all awesome. The new types made the game a little more strategic, and also opened up another batch of Pokemon for the villains to use, though it's a bummer that all those Dark types got all racially profiled like that. Not cool.


One of the coolest aspects of Gold/Silver was that after you worked your way through Johto, collected the badges and built a wicked team, you got to go to Kanto, and check out the world of Red/Blue. And instead of making it a clone of the previous game, a lot of the world is different. Cinnabar Island is pretty much gone thanks to a volcanic eruption. There's a new train line that runs through the area. Oh and Red is now a recluse hiding in a cave waiting to murder you with his Level 81 Pikachu. And Blue is a gym leader. It's madness.

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Shiny Pokemon

As everyone knows, anyone who has a shiny Pokemon obviously cheated.

That is crap. I never even knew what a game shark was when g/s came out. Besides the red Gyrados I had a pink whooper named Pinky xD That was the only one I found, but that little bugger is/was legit. There a tons of people then and now who dedicated their time to catching fully legit shiny pokemon. I am one of them.

*thank god for pokemon ranch or I don't know what I would do with all my hatched eggs xD I never have the heart to release them even though I know it is just a game. Breeding for a shiny is brutal.*

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why dont some one start a thread about what your first shiny was because i was going to post what my first shiny was and i tought i might get an infraction well

i never played gold and silver i know a lot about them and my friends know a lot about them i hope kanto is in it still it wouldent be as much fun but then again nintendo would probly make more money for another kanto game some where in the near future

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i hope kanto is in it still it wouldent be as much fun but then again nintendo would probly make more money for another kanto game some where in the near future

You confuse me so much - the first statement is wondering if Kanto is going to be in Gold/Silver to my understanding.

Then I try to reassure that it's definitely going to be in it.

yeah i dont see why it wouldent unless its replaced with some thing else

And now people are saying that I was the one who came up with the idea it might not be in it =/

I'm so confused.

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Maybe I'm confused by the thread, but it seems like this is either general speculation, or it's stating why G/S was great.

If this is so, we've got the Gen II forums for discussing why the original G/S are great. Or the speculation thread that's stickied.

If someone PMs me and tells me the unique purpose of this thread that can't be served by the speculation thread or the 2nd gen forum, PM me and I'll consider re-opening it.

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