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missingno into ??? arceus?

do you think this is real??  

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  1. 1. do you think this is real??

    • yes it is
    • no its not
    • i dont know what a ???? arcues is

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I was fumbling around with this stuff and I can confirm that, if you change Arceus ability to, lets say Pressure like many other legendaries, it stays in Cursed form. But I belive that it is still Normal type. Atleast Judgement is.

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I thnk some one on here already tyed the abilitys thing any way i cant find why it transforms in bttle ether.

Any way i was doing a serch to see if this got around and no one has herd of this discovery

bulbapedia still says curse arceus is impossable to have in game?

and a lot more sites are still saying its fake and its a rom.

Iam still looking into the battle sprite transformation and trying to fix this problem hopefully soon i can make one that dosent transform.

Oh and can some one change the title or some thing to curse arceus ar codes and research? because this dosent have any thing to do with missingno any more.

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Hey echoed kid what did you do to keep it in curse form in battle ? do you have pictures?

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i think it transforms back to normal in battle because then the held item is checked since he's not holding it then it changes back to normal...

this wouldn't explain why it changes back after battle though

if some one can make a ar code that changes the 04 to C4 while in battle it might stay in that form.

it's worth a try i think

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Awesome indeed.

I think what may be the problem is that although it has the "???-type" sprite, it's still technically Normal-type (or at least that's how it turned out when I tried the codes on my game). If you can find a way to change it's base type to "???" that would probably stop it from reverting to Normal in battle. That said, the only ways I can think of to do that would be either trial and error with Pokesav's hex editor, or to hack in a ???-type Plate using the others as templates. Either way it would take a crapload of time.

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yeah but my plan was to try to get it in to a offical ds game not roms if your talking about a way to do this bye action replay then thats cool but the rom idea is good two.

anyway i cant really do any thing because my first computer that had all my curse arceus info on it got destroyed as in my little sister spilled DR pepper on it and it wont turn on!

i did have back ups on my flash drive and most of it is on my laptop but the one thing iam ,issing is my old hex editer....

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ah sorry about that...

did the ??? type arceus get STAB for normal type moves, and depening in the plate held, or did you check. does the move judgement look different? eg. fire arceus = red judgement, ??? arceus = ??? judgement?

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The code here is exactly the one I used to create the video. I just tested it and it worked.

94000130 FCFF0000

B2101D40 00000000

E001DE34 00000088

10B4EE50 7B890000

337F7B1D B3F97EAD

31F42D4F 3CCF5D31

B93851BF 86526128

1122EBE8 DB96405F

E5E973FA CD30C3F7

3E4B748B EAB2789C

931EFF0A A5A365DD

5B40A80F B8AC40CD

D486C2A9 49D62CC8


47967181 9C639702

920D1ACA 0F69C7D5

9EBAC002 B2343EC4

D3272F5D 8F3B519F

A1B35737 01A7C018

0B27FDC6 13307FE3

D2000000 00000000

If that doesn't work. Then I have no idea what's wrong.

It will appear in first slot in box 18

Not that I think it matters, but I use Cyclods and the built in AR to activate the codes. And once again. (U) Version of Platinum

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